Amber Heard plays one last card to tell her truth about Johnny Depp

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

Photo: Jason Merritt. /Getty Images

After science supposedly claimed that Amber Heard has a perfect face, now another rumor has been added around the ex of Johnny Deppafter the scandal that led to the trial that ended with a ruling in favor of the actor of “Pirates Of The Caribbean“. So the actress Aquaman seems to be contemplating writing a book and thus telling his truth, in his own way..

Amber Heard is reportedly already writing this book about her ex-husband Johnny Depp after being sentenced to pay the actor just over $10 million dollars for damages in the framework of the defamation lawsuit that he filed against him and that ended up being resolved in a media trial.

According to information published by the magazine OKAY! Magazinethe ‘Aquaman’ star believes his “career in Hollywood is finished”, so now I would bet on write a book where he tells some memoirs in which he would address his tumultuous marriage with his ex Johnny Depp and would share his side of the story again. This idea could be very lucrative for Amber Heard and would get her out of a very complicated situation, since according to her lawyer Elaine Bredehoftyou cannot “absolutely” pay such a high figure.

“At this point, she has nothing to lose and wants to tell everything,” a source close to the artist told the publication. However, New York divorce attorney Dror Bikel believes that to Amber Heard it would be very risky to play this trick. It should be remembered that the reason for his legal confrontation with the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘, Johnny Deppwas an article in which he talked about his experience as a victim of domestic violence without mentioning him at any time.

“Depp and his lawyers will read and listen to everything Heard says. If she overdoes it, which she likely is, there is no doubt that she will be hit with another defamation lawsuit and end up back in court again,” she noted.

personal fortune of Amber Heard It is calculated at a much lower figure than the 15 million dollars in total that the sentence favorable to his ex set, although the laws of the state of Virginia limit punitive damages to 350,000 dollars, so he finally saved five million. Johnny DeppFor his part, he can afford to pay more than 2 million dollars that the judge ordered him to pay his ex for defaming her through her legal representatives.

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