Amber Heard’s Rep Explains Her Firing From ‘Aquaman 2’

After Amber Heard affirmed that there is a campaign by Jhonny Depp to stop his projects, now his representative talks about his dismissal from ‘Aquaman’.

Jessica Kovacevic spoke about the real reason for cutting her participation in the film, claiming in addition to other projects where she was no longer required.

The actress believes that Depp seeks to “discredit” her career, so on so-called occasions she has had to ask for peace and compensate for the damage caused.

The projects that Amber Heard lost with Warner

The projects that Amber Heard lost with Warner Who is going to replace her in ‘Aquaman 2’?

The actress’s agent confessed through a video how her participation in ‘Aquaman’ was reduced.

He indicated that at the end of the day and despite the objections presented, the accusations against him and the entire media issue around him had greater weight.

“No one is going to tell me ‘we can’t hire her because of these tweets.’ They just don’t want to hire someone who has bad press around them because of these accusations. Nobody wants someone who is accused of being a liar, of making something up and abusing someone; nobody wants that association with their project”, he confided via Entertainment Weekly.

Occasionally Heard would also have lost a role with Gael García, “I was ready to appear in a movie on Amazon with Gael García Bernal,” he said.

Who will replace her in ‘Aquaman 2’?

Who will replace her in ‘Aquaman 2’?

As we previously indicated at the beginning of this note, the study could have found in Paris Hilton the perfect replacement for the character of “Mera” in the sequel to ‘Aquaman’.

So far the name of the socialite is the strongest, however Emilia Clarke has also sounded in the deck of options.

With Amber Heard Outside of the role of ‘Mera’, it is expected that the official replacement will be announced in the next few days, so we invite you to stay tuned for the news.

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