American Airlines is getting rid of another useful service on board

The airline American Airlines removed a basic product from its services in times of Covid.

Photo: Artistic Operations / Pixabay

Flying in times of pandemic has become a new experience for hundreds of passengers who over these months have learned not to complain about the lack of food on board or the absence of peanuts, in return they receive masks (if they need them), antibacterial gel and disinfectant wipes.

But in this latest change due to the pandemic, American Airlines got rid of another free service and useful on board.

According to The Points Guy, as of now, the airline will not provide disinfectant wipes passengers when they board the aircraft.

American Airlines is not eliminating this free service as part of its cost reduction, but rather as part of a supply chain stock problem that also affects various industries and companies around the world.

The aforementioned medium reported that, although American Airlines will not provide the wipes to all passengers when they board as part of the sanitation protocol, whether it will continue to provide them only to those who need them.

The airline with this measure will not be falling into any anomaly Since, as the experts in Covid transmission have said, the risk of contagion by touching any surface is very low and respiratory droplets have been mentioned as the main risk.

Following the recommendations, American Airlines will continue to ask its passengers to wear a face covering from when they enter the airport until they board the plane and for the duration of their trip, to avoid 100 percent contagion.

The people who are exempt from using the cover will be those under two years of age and people with a disability that prevents them from wearing them.

It is hoped that the announcement of this new restriction will not cause problems for American Airlines users and that, as far as possible, they can travel with their own supplies to make their trip more pleasant, especially safe.

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