American woman had to give birth to her baby in the seat of a Tesla

Who would say that a tesla car would help bring life to the world? And it is that in U.S, specifically in the locality of Wayne, in Pennsylvania, a woman had to give birth inside the luxurious car, while this was in autopilot.

The events occurred on September 9, when the American called Yiran sherry she was with her husband Keating sherryas they both drove their three-year-old son to school in the modern car.

But nevertheless, the woman began to feel strong contractions, so they activated the “Autopilot” mode of the Tesla in which they traveled to go to the hospital, according to information from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Tesla’s autopilot helped the woman give birth

The woman and her baby did not have any complications / Photo: Notebook Getting one of these cars is not cheap / Photo: Forbes

When the family was on their way to the hospital, they ran into the terrible traffic in their city and got stuck. At this, the man took advantage of the automatic mode of the Tesla vehicle and tried to help Yiran.

“He was holding my hand so tight that I thought he was going to destroy it,” he said. When they arrived at the clinic, the doctors were waiting for them, but the delivery was over and the doctors only had to cut the umbilical cord.

Thanks, cool Tesla engineers, for the brilliant design of the autopilot, “Keating said, quoted by The Guardian. Fortunately, the woman and her baby did not have any complications from the unexpected delivery in the car.

What is the price of a Tesla in Mexico?

Getting one of these cars is not cheap at all / Photo: Forbes

The innovative motorized vehicle It has a price that ranges from 900 thousand to more than one million Mexican pesoss, depending on the functions and the model to be purchased.

As we have told you in AmericanPost.News, the Tesla company is an American brand based in Austin, Texas, and led by Elon musk, which designs, manufactures and sells electric cars, components for the propulsion of electric vehicles, among other products.

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