AMLO asked Trump to forgive Julian Assange, sent him a letter but did not respond

AMLO asked Trump to forgive Julian AssangeDuring his customary conference, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, made known about the letter sent to Donald Trump, when the latter was president of the United States.

Likewise, López Obrador said that he will release the content of the letter, which he assured had no response, so, once again, he calls on the government of the neighboring country to act fraternally in this case.

“I sent him a letter asking to exonerate Julian Assange, he had no response, but I offer to make it known today and endorsed Mexico’s commitment to comply by offering asylum and asking the United States for a humanitarian attitude,” this is how it was revealed that AMLO asked Trump to forgive Julian Assange

AMLO asked Trump to forgive Julian Assange

AMLO asked Trump to forgive Julian Assange but it is not the first time he has advocated for the journalist. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is charged with espionage.

AMLO asked Trump to forgive Julian Assange when the latter was the president of the United States.

“He is ill and it would be a show of solidarity, of fraternity to allow him to receive asylum in the country that Assange decided to live, including Mexico,” he said.

This, because Julian Assange suffered a stroke in prison in the United Kingdom, that is why AMLO reiterated the offer of his Government to Assange to give him asylum, if he so wishes, since he even assured that the journalist accused by the United States of spying “does not represent a danger ”to our country.

In January 2021 AMLO celebrated that Judge Vanessa Baraitser of the London Criminal Court, refused to extradite the journalist to the United States and described it as “a triumph of justice.” He even declared that he was in favor of a pardon for Assange and offered him political asylum in Mexico.

  • Mexico offers political asylum to Julian Assange

AMLO asked Trump to forgive Julian Assange and offers him political asylum, “given the country’s tradition, which is protection and at the same time the responsibility of taking care that the person who receives asylum does not intervene or interfere in political affairs of any country.” AMLO said.

What did Wikileaks founder Julian Assange do?

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is charged with espionage.

On June 19, 2012, Julian Assange sought refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy for raping a woman and abusing another in Sweden.

Almost eight years later he was arrested in London for two very different reasons.: “Julian Assange (…) was arrested by agents of the Metropolitan Police service (…) under an order issued by the Westminster Magistrates Court on June 29, 2012, for not making himself available to the court”, was the first what Scotland Yard said of the arrest.

A second statement released two hours later, Scotland Yard said that “Julian Assange was also arrested at the request of the United States authorities.”

The United States for its part said that “Julian P. Assange, 47, the founder of WikiLeaks, was arrested today in the United Kingdom (…) in connection with a federal charge of conspiracy to commit a computer intrusion for agreeing to steal a password to enter a classified US government computer. “

The Wikileaks founder has pleaded not guilty to all charges, even though in 2010 he conspired with former intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning. Despite this, AMLO asked Trump to forgive Julian Assange.

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