AMLO causes a furor among followers by attending the UN in New York

The supporters of AMLO, the Mexican president, received him with great fanfare in New York, prior to his speech at the UN Security Council.

Photo: Jesús García / Impremedia

Less than a minute was enough for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will cause a furor among his followers in front of the Millennium Hilton hotel in Manhattan where he is staying, causing nervousness to Secret Service personnel and the NYPD that prevented people from approaching.

The mandatary will lead the UN Security Council, which is chaired by Mexico, where he will talk about how corruption is an element that causes serious security problems in countries.

The AMLO‘s followers have organized what they call a #AMLOFest and have attended JFK airport with mariachis since last nightThen they moved to 44th Street, between First and Second avenues, to receive the president. Lopez Obrador arrived at his hotel and greeted his supporters.

This morning, around 200 people gathered again in front of the Hilton hotel, in the middle of an intense security operation, waiting to greet the Mexican president. A small group of about 10 people from the FRENA movement also turned out, trying unsuccessfully to compete with the cheers of AMLO’s supporters.