AMLO confirms Christian Nodal in the Zócalo; but he’ll ask Belinda’s permission first

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) confirmed that Christian Nodal would give a free concert in the Zócalo of the Historic Center of Mexico City (CDMX); however, he said he would first ask Belinda for permission.

In his morning conference today, October 12, AMLO said that Christian Nodal’s concert would be free and could take place on December 1, 2022, the fourth anniversary of the beginning of his government.

AMLO clarified that he would consult with Belinda if he does not mind Nodal’s presentation in the Zócalo. This is due to the Mexican singer’s ties with the Fourth Transformation movement.

AMLO confirmed Christian Nodal’s concert

AMLO said that “they are going to take Christian Nodal at his word” so that the 23-year-old singer will attend a concert in the Zócalo of the CDMX.

The President of Mexico indicated that the regional Mexican singer had already stated that he would not charge for performing in the historic center of the country’s capital.

Likewise, AMLO indicated that the probable date is December 1, the fourth anniversary of the beginning of his government.

Although he indicated that the date is not yet confirmed and could be “any other day”.

“Now we are going to see if we can take Nodal, Cristhian Nodal, at his word, to see if we invite him, he has already said he will not charge, so for the Zócalo.

It could be on December 1st, the fourth anniversary of our government, or any other day”.


AMLO shows his consideration for Belinda

AMLO showed his consideration for Belinda, stating that prior to Christian Nodal’s concert, he would ask the singer for her opinion on the matter.

This is given that Belinda and Christian Nodal had a romantic relationship in which there was even a marriage proposal.

The President of Mexico indicated that he would first speak with Belinda, since she “has always behaved well” with his government, to ask her opinion.

AMLO even said he would also invite the 33-year-old singer to sing in the Zócalo.

“She has always behaved very well with us and maybe I will invite her, but if she cannot attend, she should give us her opinion. Because if she agrees, we accept Nodal’s proposal”.