AMLO defends VapoRub in his recovery from covid: “even if they make fun of it”

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador gave a new update on his contagion by COVID-19, where he indicated that in the last days has been treated with paracetamol and ointments to recover his Health.

More than three days after making his infection known, AMLO refused to use the drugs that some pharmaceutical companies are developing against the virus, because his symptoms are still mild and he did not have high temperatures or headaches.

Meanwhile, on the morning of this Thursday, January 13, AmericanPost.News shared with its readers the act of a couple of followers who brought a mariachi to AMLO and wished him a speedy recovery, which keeps him confined in the National Palace while the symptoms of COVID disappear. -19.

AMLO talks about his health

Talking about how little dangerous omicron is, the president revealed that two of his secretaries were with him. AMLO assured that the exit of the Citigroup financial group from Mexico is not due to a capital flight issue.

In his video message, President López Obrador said that he is already “coming out” of the disease and insisted that the omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 is not as dangerous as the Delta.

“I want to share this information with you because I consider it quite encouraging to be able to verify, now that this variant of COVID does not have the lethality, the danger of the previous variant, the so-called ‘Delta'”.

The president went on to say that the symptoms of the omicron variant are very similar to those of the common cold, for which he is confident that there will be no saturation in hospitals.

“I with paracetamol, and although my opponents laugh, they question Dr. Alcocer because he said that VapoRub… Well, yes. When I was a child, I remember that when we got sick with the flu, my mom put us here on the chest and on the soles of our feet and that’s how we slept,” said the president from the National Palace.

He talked about leaving Citi

AMLO assured that the exit of the Citigroup financial group from Mexico is not due to a capital flight issue.

In the clip of more than 15 minutes, the president addressed the issue of Citigroup’s exit from the retail consumer market in Mexico and asserted that the decision of the American company was not due to a flight of investments in the country, but due to a business decision.

“I say this so that it is not misunderstood because also the adversaries, right? They take advantage of everything to say that things are bad in the economy in the country and that is why Banamex is being sold. Well no, it’s a Citigroup policy and hopefully this turns into something good.

AMLO acknowledged that he would like the financial institution to return to being a one hundred percent Mexican bank, which is why he is glad that businessman Ricardo Salinas has expressed that he wants to buy Banamex.

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