AMLO makes a request to the INAI to know the income of Loret de Mola

During the morning conference from the National Palace, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that it made a formal request to the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) so that the journalist’s income and assets are transparent Carlos Loret de Mola.

Said request responds directly to the report made by the communicator with the support of Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI) where he showed the luxury mansion valued at around 19 million pesos where his son José Ramón López Beltrán lived together with his wife in Houston, who belongs to a former executive of a company that holds million-dollar contracts with Pemex and which could imply a probable conflict of interest.

Faced with these accusations and 17 days later, as we already informed you in AmericanPost.News, José Ramón responded and categorically denied any relationship with the Government headed by his father and at the same time any conflict of interest.

“It’s not a personal matter”: AMLO

It was during the “morning” that is broadcast on the official You Tube channel of the Presidency that the Mexican president assured that said request is not a personal matter, “Send this letter and it is not a personal matter, I think that we should all to make transparent our income, assets, should not make exceptions, public life has to be increasingly public and know how much journalists earn, most earn very little, the vast majority.

In the same sense, I continue saying that “But there is an elite that is linked to the mafia of political and economic power that obtain a lot of money and are a group of hitmen who pay them all that because, without moral scruples, they launch themselves to destroy opponents, to those who seek changes that bosses feel affect them because they take away their privileges.

Therefore, López Obrador reiterated that his opponents are using the communicator and other journalists to defame him with the aim of affecting his political project for the nation through journalistic investigations.

What is the name of Carlos Loret de Mola’s program?

Currently, the Mexican journalist Carlos Loret de Mola hosts a radio program called ” Así las cosa” on W Radio, but he also leads his own media outlet called LatinUs, which is more focused on the web and social networks.

Here he offers a bar of diverse sections and information in which he collaborates mainly with the journalist, Víctor Trujillo, who characterizes his character called “Brozo”.

After he presented his report and AMLO‘s eldest son responded, the journalist described it as a “mockery” and a “scandal” since in said response he could once again be involved in a conflict of interest by stating that he works in a company of the children of an adviser to the Mayan Train.

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