AMLO manipulates and deceives Mexicans: Lilly Téllez denies 4T homicide figures

Mexico.- The PAN senator, Lilly Téllez, denied the homicide figures of the AMLO governmentaccusing the president of “deceiving and manipulating” Mexicans through his Mañaneras.

Through her official Twitter account, Lilly Téllez reacted to the security report that the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) presented in AMLO’s Morning of May 23, 2022.

“As usual, once again AMLO uses his mornings to deceive and manipulate Mexicans about the security issue“Lilly Téllez pointed out about the 4T homicide figures.

The PAN assured that the number of intentional homicides that the AMLO government accumulated as of May 19, 2022, is greater than the 120,563 registered during Felipe Calderón’s six-year term (2006-2012).

This after the AMLO government presumed that the number of intentional homicides has remained below 3 thousand monthly casesaccumulating a total of 121 thousand 141 murders in Mexico since the beginning of the six-year term.

However, Lilly Téllez charged that AMLO’s government will establish itself as the most violent six-year term in the history of Mexico, even above those of Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto.

AMLO’s six-year term will be remembered for being the most violent in the history of Mexicoeven more than the six-year term of EPN, which accumulated 156,066 intentional homicides,” he said.

The PAN assured that with the government of López Obrador, Mexicans are “even more at risk and threatened” than in past six-year terms

For this reason, the senator considered AMLO as “the best ally of insecurity and violence”, due to the controversial security strategy of “hugs, not bullets” promoted by the 4T.

The head of the SSPC highlighted that April 2022 had 17.1% less intentional homicides. Photo: Cuartoscuro

The Sonora legislator maintains that AMLO’s security strategy prioritizes the lives of criminals even above the victims, referring to recent statements by the president, who said that his government also “takes care” of members of criminal gangs.

AMLO is the best ally of insecurity and violence by promoting goofy policies like ‘hugs, not bullets’, which ignore the victims and provide priority to take care of the lives of criminals and murderers“Accused Lilly Tellez.

AMLO government boasts figures of intentional homicides

When presenting the report in figures of intentional homicides, the Secretary of Security highlighted as an “achievement” that these crimes have remained below 3,000 cases per month during the AMLO government.

Rosa Icela Rodriguez highlighted that the intentional homicides decreased 17.1% during April 2022, its lowest level for 5 years. During that month, a total of 2 thousand 547 murdersalmost 100 less than in March.

However, both the head of the SSPC and President López Obrador have boasted on several occasions as an “achievement” that intentional homicides remain below 3,000 cases per month.

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This is compared to the highest historical number of murders, which was recorded during July 2018, with the Peña Nieto government, with 3,074 cases.

For its part, the AMLO government has come close to exceeding Peña Nieto’s historical figure on two occasions: June 2019, with 3,006 cases, and March 2022, with 3,041 homicides.