AMLO promotes baseball; authorizes resources for a stadium in Nayarit

As part of the program to promote the practice of baseball in Mexico, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador promotes baseball and authorized resources for stadium in Nayarit with capacity for 8 thousand people.

The above was announced by the Governor of the state of Nayarit, Miguel Ángel Navarroand pointed out that it will be built in the city of Tepic in addition to being financed by the federal administration.

Through a publication on Twitter, Miguel Navarro explained that the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel has already approved the realization of the sports venue, which will have a capacity for eight thousand attendees and will occupy a new space in the capital of the state of Nayarit, as well He shared it on social networks:

What capacity will the new stadium in Nayarit authorized by AMLO have?

The baseball stadium will be built in the city of Tepic

“The President of the Republic has authorized the resources for the construction of the new Tepic Baseball Stadium, which will house 8,000 people.”

The project for the new stadium will be made up of eight different areas, which will include entertainment for the public, as well as the vital spaces that the baseball teams that compete in the new Tepic stadium will require.

As we have mentioned in other informative notes from AmericanPost.Newsthe distribution would be as follows:

1. Stadium: everything essential for the creation of a professional baseball field will be considered.

2. Plaza: it will be located outside the sports venue, an area where the public will wait to enter the stadium, in addition to having planters and a fountain (which will be the third element of the construction).

3. Fountain: it will be located behind the main grandstand.

4. Entrances to services: it will be the area where the box office will be located and it will be the main entrance to the property. It should be noted that it is the only entrance through which the public will enter.

5. Bleacher Slope: favorite area to watch the game because the panoramic view is in front of the batter’s box, so the spectator will see the game from a frontal angle. This area will have a capacity of three thousand people.

6. Parking: on the map shared by the governor, five areas around the stadium are designated for parking for attendees, as well as for the teams that will play in it.

7. Main grandstand: area in which the general entrances and other areas for the public to witness the sporting event will be located. It will have a capacity of five thousand people.

8. Bullpens: is the area where pitchers warm up before entering the game. The new Tepic stadium will have two of these areas.

According to the governor of Morena in Nayarit, he indicated that the area designated for the construction of the stadium will be enabled since the trees that are in the area will be relocated. According to Miguel Ángel Navarro, they will meet with environmental groups to reach an agreement.

“The space will be rehabilitated and we will seek to move the trees to a new Alameda de los Abuelas y Abuelos, after dialogue with environmental groups,” he shared on social networks.

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