AMLO regrets the murder of journalist Armando Linares

During the morning conference this Wednesday, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador lamented the cruel murder of the journalist Armando Linares Lopezdirector of the news portal “Monitor Michoacan“.

In this regard, the Mexican president announced that this murder will be reported next Thursday, in addition to sending his condolences to the family and friends of Armando Linares.

Precisely in this sense, as we informed you in AmericanPost.News, a huge group of journalists through social networks asked him to take his colleague’s case seriously, while assuring that the government has no interest in protecting his life and his work.

“My hug to the family and friends of this journalist”: AMLO.

In the “morning” broadcast on the Presidency’s You Tube channel, López Obrador said, “He was very sorry for the murder of the journalist from Zitácuaro yesterday, we are already doing the investigation, they will be informed. give a complete report on security in the country and the murdered journalists will be reported case by case”.

Along these same lines, he added that “I’ll tell you two things: one, they are not state crimes, never again are we going to kill anyone, it is no longer the time to kill them hot; second, zero impunity, and we are going to delve into these issues tomorrow. My hug to the family and friends of this murdered journalist.”

Who is Armando Linares?

Armando Linares López worked as director of the local media outlet Monitor Michoacán. He had previously reported threats against him after carrying out journalistic investigations in the municipality of the entity.

The director of Monitor Michoacán was shot to death in the municipality of Zitácuaro. It should be noted that in that same municipality, on January 31, assassins shot Roberto Toledo, a reporter and collaborator of Armando Linares, a crime that has not been clarified.

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