AMLO responds to Ted Cruz: “If he says we are wrong, it makes me proud”

During the morning conference this Friday, February 18, the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador asserted that he is “proud” of the statements made by the American Senator Ted Cruz against the Government of the self-styled Fourth Transformation.

In this same sense, he considered it “something natural” that characters such as legislator Cruz are against his administration, which he assured “benefits” the people of Mexico.

Let us remember that the US Senator who had been criticized in recent months as we informed you in AmericanPost.News for vacationing in Cancun while the storms hit Texas, raised controversy since he assured that the Mexican Government intimidates journalists and that it acts outside the rule of law.

“If he says we are wrong, it makes me proud”: AMLO.

In the “morning” broadcast on his You Tube channel, the Mexican president said, “It is natural that this senator from Texas who does not agree with us expresses himself as he did. He is against the policy that we are carrying out in favor of the people of Mexico and in defense of Mexicans who work and live honestly in USA, it is to be expected”, he expressed.

In the same sense, he added that “It is truly a mark of pride that a senator like this person launches against the Government that I represent, it fills me with pride for what we represent; if he praised me, if he spoke well of me, The best thing would be for me to think that we are not doing things right, but if he says that we are wrong, then the truth does make me proud, and it is the norm that these expressions exist in a democratic process”.

It is important to note that Ted Cruz’s expressions focused on ensuring that there is a breakdown of the rule of law in Mexico which “affects” the security of the United States, “from the fight against drug trafficking to migration.”

Who is Ted Cruz?

Rafael Edward Cruz, better known as Ted Cruz, is an American lawyer and politician of Canadian origin.

He has been a United States senator for the state of Texas since 2013 and for the 2016 presidential elections he ran as a candidate for the Republican Party.

Senator Cruz of Latin roots is one of the most prominent politicians in the US and has even been promoted by some of his colleagues as a presidential figure, but he is also one of the controversial ones. During 2020, for example, China included him on a list of sanctioned legislators in the midst of a repression dispute in Hong Kong that was even attributed to “revenge” for problems with the Tik Tok platform.