AMLO spoke about EPN’s energy reform and misinformation to the people

During the morning press conference on Tuesday, November 16, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), spoke of the electrical reform promoted by the then president Enrique Peña Nieto, and claimed that he was not openly informed about what the modification entailed.

He also recalled that as an opponent of said administration, he asked people to take to the streets to demonstrate against the new law of the then federal government and therefore said that “there was a lack of people” to stop the authorities’ decision.

The issue is related to the discussion of the AMLO reform that was postponed to 2022, which gave hope to his administration to improve the claims that have been made regarding the law approved in the PRI period.

EPN energy reform

AMLO spoke of the misinformation of the PRI government The CFE could have important changes

The president of Mexico spoke of misinformation to the people when the reform was approved and claimed that the neoliberals had total control of the media. For this reason, he is looking for a way to accelerate the discussion of his proposal.

“We lacked the people to stop these reforms because the people were not informed and since the neoliberals had absolute control of the media, the people were not informed.”

To avoid the misinformation that was registered with the previous reform, AMLO indicated that he will initiate a nationwide campaign with the aim of informing Mexicans about the changes that the Mexican government has made.

“Let the people know.”

He also spoke of the message to the nation on the occasion of the presentation of the EPN reform and insisted that everything was with incomplete information for the people.

What is the objective of the energy reform?

The CFE could have important changes

It can be used for two reasons, to produce more hydrocarbons at a lower cost, allowing private companies to complement the investment of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) through contracts for the exploration and extraction of oil and gas.

Now in Mexico they are talking about what problems it would have with the Energy Reform and with other public organizations due to the change that exists in the role of the CFE.

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