AMLO will present austerity plan to the INE; will review the salaries of the directors

President AMLO indicated that he will present to the National Electoral Institute (INE) an austerity plan, evaluating the “superfluous expenses” and the “excessive salaries” of officials, this after the agency revealed that it does not have enough budget for citizen consultation for the revocation of the mandate.

It was at his press conference on Thursday, January 7, that the president raised a budget review, and revealed that he will present the plan, which will not be mandatory, that is, the institute decides whether to follow it or not.

“If we want to review, in accordance with the Republican austerity law, how they are exercising the budget at the INE,” he indicated in his press conference.

Ensures that INE has many “superfluous expenses”

The president insists that the INE does have a sufficient budget The president’s six-year term will end in 2024

The president revealed that the institute has many superfluous expenses, extravagances, “starting with salaries.” He also recalled that the counselor president of the body earns more than he, which goes against the institution that states that no one should earn more than the president.

“The councilors must earn what the president of Mexico earns, not more, as is happening. In a country with so much poverty there cannot be excessive salaries, it is immoral; it may even be legal, but it is immoral for a counselor to earn 160 thousand pesos a month free ”, said the president.

Stated that it is planned to review the salaries of senior officials, the number of advisers you have, how much is spent on vehicle rental, travel allowances, insurance, suppliers and more so that everything is transparent, because the Institute ensures that the budget it has is not enough, while the president has insisted in which the INE does have money for the consultation.

“I am going to formally present an austerity plan to the INE, not with mandatory character, because we do not have the power to do so, but because we are interested in carrying out the consultation to revoke the mandate and that the polling stations be installed in all towns and a vote of more than 40% is achieved, which is what the Constitution establishes ”.

When does AMLO’s six-year term end?

The presidential term will end in 2024

Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office as president of Mexico on December 1, 2018, the presidencies in the country last 6 years, so the six-year term of President AMLO It will end in 2024.

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