AMLO’s government insists on presenting austerity plan for the INE

The Federal Government headed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador insisted this morning in the voice of the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández, to present an austerity plan proposal for the National Electoral Institute (INE) and to carry out the Revocation consultation Mandate.

It was at the morning press conference on Wednesday, January 12, that López Hernández explained that regardless of whether the electoral institute presents a petition to the Treasury, which he said is not yet official, the federal government will make its proposal.

In this sense, let us remember that we recently informed you in AmericanPost.News that the INE plans to request one thousand 700 million pesos for the additional revocation consultation to the adjustments that they have already made to their budget.

AMLO’s government will present its own austerity plan to the INE.

During the National Palace conference that was broadcast on the Presidency’s You Tube channel, Adán Augusto said that the INE’s request for resources has not yet been made official and that he even spoke with the institute’s presiding counselor.

“I spoke with the President of the INE, with Dr. Lorenzo Córdova, that they were reviewing their budget, the budget they have authorized for this year and that they were planning to make a series of adjustments that would allow them to carry out the consultation” , he assured.

To this he added that there is practically the validation of the signatures for the revocation of the mandate that is necessary because the 3 million they needed in 17 states were gathered.

Regarding the federal proposal, he commented, “I do not rule out that we make public an austerity plan proposal, but it is not disassociated with the obligation that the INE has in legal terms to request the expansion of resources or additional resources.”

Finally, he said that the government headed by López Obrador has the right to make an analysis and present an austerity plan.

AMLO’s Austerity Plan

He had already anticipated that the president was absent, he had made public his interest in presenting an austerity plan that mainly indicated that he would review the salaries of the INE advisers since he has constantly pointed out that they are abusive.

However, so far it is unknown if the plan has a more in-depth study and if it contemplates a restructuring, although it should be noted that the electoral body is autonomous, so this plan would be a proposal that the councilors may or may not accept.

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