Among cacti, Livia Brito wears a swimsuit and shows off her tattoo

Livia Brito has returned to look very sensual, now in two videos that he shared in his stories of Instagram and in which he appears posing among some cacti during a photo session. She showed off her statuesque figure in a yellow bathing suit that revealed a tattoo on her groin.

The beautiful Cuban actress has taken a vacation after her work on the soap opera “The soulless one”, which although it has finished recording, continues to be broadcast with great success in Mexico and the United States. His message in one of his recent publications was: “Let’s travel, that life is very short and the world is huge and beautiful. There are so many beautiful places in the world! What is your favorite place to be? ”

Livia watches the soap opera every night, and this was demonstrated in a clip she published in which she appears resting in her room with her pet, enjoying the scenes of her character “Fernanda Linares”.

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