Amparo Serrano What was the famous company you founded after leaving Flans?

Amparo Serrano was a graphic designer, artist, and a former member of Flans who recently passed away in Mexico City after several days hospitalized after a domestic accident.

Unfortunately, the artist and graphic designer Amparo Serrano, known as “Amparín” from Distroller, died this Friday afternoon in Mexico City, where she remained hospitalized for three days in serious condition as a result of a domestic accident. She was 57 years old.

It should be noted that just last Thursday one of her daughters, Camila West, published a message on her Instagram account highlighting her mother’s strength and asking for a miracle for her to recover. Still, sadly the former star of the Flans group passed away.

The children of the singer asked for prayers

Messages from the singer’s children

“One-piece person, my mom. Undone inside, outside, I can’t express how much I love you, mom, that without you, this is not cida, that you be granted the miracle you have given to millions of people. I love you infinitely, and I ask you all to pray for her, you know who she is, and she is the most Chinese person the planet can have.”

“My dear mom, I love you with all my soul, and I hug you from another dimension where we cannot see each other right now. Let’s pray for that miracle, please, everyone join in prayer.”

That was what the daughter of the famous former singer from Flans wrote, implying that Amparín was going through a great health difficulty.

What was the brand founded by Amparín?

It is impossible to talk about Amparín without talking about Distroller®. Let’s say that one does not live without the other because legend has it that Distroller® was born on the same day as Amparín, but the brand’s beginnings were almost fifteen years ago. It all started with a board game called “El Picudo,” where the aim was to discover who was the most “mamila.”

Soon, Amparín creates the character of Dr. Chui, who alleviates all kinds of ills of the soul with a line of “medicinal” chamoys. These products were so acidic that they “destroyed” the intestinal flora, so they never went on sale, but they served to establish the brand name: Distroller®.

Later, Amparín began to paint handmade gifts for his closest family and friends. The talent of “Amparín” and the demand for this “hobby” caused the formal birth of Distroller® under the name of Amparín, SA de CV.

Distroller® is a brand that uses folklore, culture, the funny, and the sad of life to create designs full of color and even good humor. The caricatured image of the Virgin of Guadalupe made the brand known in its beginnings.

It should be noted that among its Amparo Serrano brand products are bracelets, stuffed animals, dolls, sweets, and school supplies. Distroller has stores nationwide, and today its success has reached Latin America, the United States, and Spain…..