An Uber driver in Cancun’s Bonampark Avenue narrowly escapes injury after an acid attack by a local cab driver

Cancun cab driver assaults Uber counterpart with acid; authorities intervene, aggressor offers compensation to settle damages.

Aggressions against private transportation drivers in Quintana Roo continue unabated, despite the intervention of local authorities. The most recent case unfolded on the afternoon of August 5, when a cab driver reportedly attacked an Uber driver with acid in Cancun.

The events transpired around 4:00 p.m. on Bonampark Avenue, close to Malecón Tajamar. The victim, an Uber driver, stated that a passenger had requested his service from a hotel in that vicinity. Given that the location was occupied by a taxi base, the Uber driver asked the client to meet him a short distance away.

Yet, a cab driver believed to be affiliated with the “Andrés Quintana Roo” union noticed the exchange and confronted the Uber driver, who chose to remain unidentified. Initially, the cab driver filmed the Uber driver in what appeared to be an attempt to intimidate him into leaving. However, the situation quickly escalated.

According to preliminary reports, the cab driver procured a container filled with acid and hurled it at the red Uber car, damaging its passenger door and rearview mirror. Pictures of the aftermath were later circulated on social platforms.

Upon noticing a yellowish liquid dripping from his rearview mirror, which seemed to have corroded some of the paint, the Uber driver called the Municipal Police, urging them to apprehend the assailant for property damage.

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Swiftly responding, a team of uniformed officers detained the cab driver and escorted him to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. To evade legal repercussions, the cab driver acknowledged his actions and proposed to cover the costs of the inflicted damages.

Local outlets later revealed that an agreement was reached for a sum of two thousand pesos, effectively settling the dispute. Fortuitously, the Uber driver remained unscathed from the acid attack.

In light of these events, Agueda Esperilla Soto, the representative for Uber drivers in Cancun, emphasized that these assaults on private transport providers persist largely because there has yet to be a significant penalty for the culprits.

It’s worth noting that another incident took place late in July on Yaxchillán Avenue in Cancún. Two cab drivers mistook a black van for an Uber vehicle and proceeded to damage it. Both were arrested and presented to the Public Prosecutor’s Office on charges of property damage and assault.