Ana Araujo confirmed that Pablo Lyle is now her ex-husband

The life of paul lyle It has been very difficult and complicated, because the famous faces a legal process in Miami, a situation that has distanced him from his role as an actor, even his arrest affected his marriage with Ana Araujowho had been very secretive about her private life.

And it is that, before the strong speculations of a possible separation between the couple, Araujo was questioned about those rumors of a alleged breakup with the Mexican actor, a topic he spoke on a podcast and said: “You can listen to it there.”

In AmericanPost.News We share with you that Ana Araujo said that she continues her life without the actor, although she did not give more details about it, but we remember that on Father’s Day she dedicated a loving message to congratulate him on his day.

Ana Araujo confirms separation with Pablo Lyle

Ana confessed that Lyle is her ex-husband The Mexican actor faces a legal process

After publicly appearing at the book presentation of one of her friends, Ana said that in the podcasts they could know the truth, so in the chapter “My Wellness Friend” she referred to Lyle for the first time as her ex-husband.

“I was that, at parties, happy that Pablo, my ex-husband, was the center of attention, I was happy to be behind, and that he was sociable.” She expressed the businesswoman, in the same way she confessed that the actor’s arrest has been complicated, since she became the head of the house.

On the other hand, Araujo commented in a previous interview when asked about Lyle and said at the time that they speak daily and that they have constant contact, making it clear that communication remains cordial.

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The Mexican actor faces a legal process

On March 31, 2019, the life of actor Pablo Lyle changed forever, because after the famous man hit an elderly person in Miami, the man died in the hospital, so the famous man is under house arrest. On July 8, the status of the case will be analyzed.

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