Ana Araujo reveals her new relationship with photographer Marco Lavin months after Pablo Lyle’s sentencing

Ana Araujo, Pablo Lyle's ex-wife, unveils new relationship with Marco Lavin, sparking varied reactions online.

In a twist of events that has sent social media into a frenzy, Ana Araujo, the ex-wife of actor Pablo Lyle, has publicly introduced her new beau, photographer Marco Lavin. This revelation comes seven months following Lyle’s sentencing to five years in prison and an eight-year probation for his role in the tragic death of a 63-year-old Miami resident.

In March 2019, Lyle’s life took a dramatic turn. A confrontation led to the actor striking 63-year-old Juan Ricardo Hernandez, causing him to fall and suffer a critical head injury. Hernandez succumbed to his injuries four days later in the hospital.

Ana Araujo’s new boyfriend

Recently, images of Araujo and Lavin displaying affectionate gestures surfaced on the Instagram account of a popular magazine. Accompanied by the caption “Viva el amor!”, it confirmed: “Ana Araujo shares the first picture next to her partner, photographer @marc.o.lavin #anaaraujo.” This public disclosure soon stirred reactions, with the online community expressing strong opinions about Araujo’s decision to move on.

Ana Araujo, Pablo Lyle's ex-wife, has caused a stir on social networks by making public her new romantic relationship with a photographer who is serving a prison sentence.
Ana Araujo, Pablo Lyle’s ex-wife, has caused a stir on social networks by making public her new romantic relationship with a photographer.

Many couldn’t hold back their criticism, pointing fingers at Araujo for commencing a new relationship while Lyle serves his sentence. Comments ranged from accusations of her being disloyal in hard times to insinuations of betrayal. Some users remarked: “She is one of those women who are only with her husband in good times, in bad they abandon them, poor Pablo made the wrong choice” and “Pablo in jail, and she is happy with someone else, how uncool of her.”

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Her new relationship under the public’s scrutiny

Yet, not everyone saw it in the same light. A portion of the online community came to Araujo’s defense, arguing that she has the right to move forward with her life.

While Araujo has refrained from making public statements regarding her fresh romance or clarifying her marital status with Lyle, she did post an Instagram story featuring Lavin. This move only intensified speculations about their relationship’s nature.

Despite the divisive opinions on Araujo’s new chapter, one thing is certain: the public’s curiosity remains unabated. With many eager to learn more about this development in Araujo’s life, the debate surrounding her decision and the implications for both her and Lyle continues to gain momentum.