Ana Araujo’s STRONG response to rumors of her supposed divorce with Sinaloan actor Pablo Lyle

Mexico. — Ana Araujo would have asked Pablo Lyle for a divorce, it was commented days ago on several news portals, since the legal problem that the Mexican actor faces in the USA would have deteriorated their relationship.

Neither Pablo Lyle nor Ana Araujo had commented on the subject until now, but things have changed. She was the one to write a strong message on Instagram, addressing her alleged divorce with the actor from Mexican soap operas like La Sombra del pasado.

Ana Araujo uploaded a photo of her face to her stories on Instagram and in a short text she writes: “Tuesday: Let’s stop reading ma…”, without going into more details, she also adds a figure of a heart.

instagram photo

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A few days ago, it also transpired that Ana would be dating a soccer player. They would have even been caught together enjoying each other, but while being searched for by different media outlets, Ana could not have been located or approached by them.

A magazine of national circulation also published that Ana Araujo, originally from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, and mother of Lyle’s children, married since 2014, could be seeking a divorce from the actor, however, he would have denied it.

Lyle, originally from Mazatlán, remains under house arrest in Miami, Florida, USA, after the road altercation in which he was involved three years ago and where the man he hit on the public highway lost his life.

Regarding Pablo Lyle’s trial for involuntary manslaughter, it is now known that it could take place on July 5, this after seven times in which it has been postponed for different reasons, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

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