Ana Araujo, wife of Pablo Lyle revealed that she continues her life without the actor

Ana Araujo, Pablo Lyle’s wife, agreed to give an interview for the TV show “Venga la Alegría,” where she talked about her life and confessed how hard it has been for her to get ahead, being now the head of the family.

During the interview, the actor’s partner preferred to evade questions about her relationship situation. She was asked if she had already signed the divorce after TVNotas magazine reported that the celebrity had the idea that she will continue with her life.

In the celebrity news section, we told you that there had been strong speculations about the famous actor and Araujo. At the time, it was speculated that she had been unfaithful to her husband with a former soccer player, although Ana preferred not to talk about it.

Ana Araujo, Pablo Lyle’s wife, did not give details of her sentimental life

The celebrity’s wife said the following: “I’ve been without Pablo for three years, so that’s what I meant. I will share it at the right time…I think that’s enough…out of respect for my children”. Said the actor’s wife. She also commented that she is going through a situation that many women go through.

The businesswoman confessed that her pastry business is doing well, and also mentioned that she will start distributing her products nationwide. On the other hand, she commented on the actor’s trial, where it will be announced whether he is sentenced as guilty or innocent.

“Hope never dies.” Araujo said.

Where is Pablo Lyle?

The actor’s trial had been postponed repeatedly.

The actor Pablo Lyle is in Miami awaiting trial, but it was postponed again, because, in a brief hearing, the judge decided to set a new date, although next July 8 will be the date to analyze the status of the case.