Ana Araujo would have confirmed her separation from Pablo Lyle calling him “ex-husband”

paul lyle He continues to await his trial for involuntary manslaughter after participating in a traffic altercation with Juan Ricardo Hernández, who lost his life as a result of a blow that the actor dealt him.

However, he could also be facing problems on a personal level due to the separation from his wife, Ana Araujowho during a meeting with various media outlets revealed the difficulties he had to overcome after the actor’s arrest in March 2019.

And although at that time she assured that she would soon talk about what is happening in her marriage, during a recent episode of her podcast ‘My Wellness Friend’, Ana Araujo showed that the separation of the protagonist of “Mirreyes vs Godínez” is already a fact, She referred to him as her “ex-husband.”

At the party I was happy that Pablo, my ex-husband, was the center of attention because I was in the back and he was social.“He mentioned in the middle of the talk available on Spotify.

Later he remembered that he had a hard time trying to help others, but he understood that in life you can’t always be the savior of other people.

“Many times I believed it, I tried it and I had a very bad time, bad experiences and lost friends for wanting to solve their problemsand I understood that you don’t have to be anyone’s savior“, he highlighted.

Let’s remember that the problems between the couple were exposed on May 9 in the “Gossip No Like” program, where they assured that Ana Araujo and Pablo Lyle were separated, a situation for which the actor was completely depressed.

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According to a video published by the same entertainment program, Ana Araujo would be dating ex-soccer player Marc Crossas, with whom he has been seen enjoying the nightlife during a trip they made to the beach.

Pablo Lyle and Ana Araujo have two children, but since 2019 the native of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, has had to take full charge of them since the actor is under house arrest in Miami, Florida, accused of reckless homicide of a man 63 years old.

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