Ana Bárbara against José Manuel Figueroa for copyright dispute: “It causes me machismo”

The singer claimed not to know much about the subject (Photos: Instagram/@jmfigueroa_mx/@anabarbaramusic)

Ana Barbara was questioned about recent statements by Jose Manuel Figueroa in some videos, from social networks, where you can hear him insinuating that he is the author of the song Forbidden fruiteven though the daughter of Don Antero Ugalde was legally registered as its creator since its launch in 2021.

With an apparent ignorance on the subject, the singer responded before the cameras of come the joy that she did not know the video, but that was her intention or with those words she had claimed responsibility for a song that she wrote, as well as many other hits that belong to her music collection or even to other artists, in the end I was sorry that I couldn’t recognize that this was a macho attitudebecause women are also capable of creating, composing, even being executive producers of their artistic projects.

“I need to see it to give you the exact information or my point of view, but yes it was what did he sayor with those words, that song was his because what it provokes me is machismoright?, because ‘Ana Bárba could not write Forbidden fruit‘Well of course I wrote Forbidden fruitI wrote i looked it upI wrote how littleI wrote It’s not witchcraftI wrote Actually of Ángela Aguilar and many others for more than 25 years”, expressed the singer before the morning of Aztec TV.

ana barbara
The artist has been characterized by being attentive to her fans (Photo: Instagram/@anabarbaramusic)

Ana Bárbara did not hesitate to reaffirm that all his musical works are protected by law since whenever she creates a new song she resorts to the legal procedures that correspond to all writers in order to avoid author wars in the future as is being her case, which somehow took her by surprise since she maintains a good relationship with him. son of Joan Sebastian.

My works are perfectly in order and registered. It would be very unfortunate if a misogynistic comment, because that makes me feelwhat they cannot accept that a woman makes a song of those characteristics and as cool as it is Forbidden fruit. From day one I did I wanted to forget youwhich was the first time I recorded an album more than 20 years ago, are duly clear and registered, so there is no situation, at least what is legal, of the type ‘she didn’t do it,'” he said.

Jose Manuel Figueroa
José Manuel Figueroa is a good friend of Ana Bárbara (Photo: Instagram/@josemanfigueroa)

the also called Grupera Queen He assured that he hopes that everything is a lie and said comments are not real, because if it were the case, he should think about it since it is something horrible that a man is not able to assimilate that a woman has the same mental capacities to be able to create musical art. “It would be a horrible thing and hopefully, he did, you better think about it because it would be horrible”, he added.

The grupera music singer took advantage of the topic to ensure that in the music industry women also experience an abysmal disadvantage against men, regardless of the genre that is sung, since many producers and personnel in charge of making an album or creative concept do not bet for female talent since it is believed that “men sell more than women”.

Ana Barbara
The singer premiered her new single in 2021 (Photo: Screenshot/Ana Bárara)

It is a very complicated career for a woman, because we women have to divide ourselves into many at the same time: mom, girlfriend, daughter, sister, you work; There are so many things that we don’t even have time for ourselves. The spaces are almost almost destined for men, if you look at the radio now you see it difficult, of course I appreciate the spaces they give me. I hear men say that ‘women don’t dream, women don’t like them, women don’t sell”, he finished.


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