Ana Bárbara exhibits a great body wearing a latex bodysuit with a neckline that reaches her navel

The singer Ana Bárbara delighted the pupil of her fans through a video in which she appears showing a hot outfit that little covers those shapely curves that she maintains at 51 years old

When it comes to speeding up social media, Ana Bárbara paints herself. The curvaceous singer knows perfectly well how to spoil her loyal fans with posts that steal sighs and generate thousands of likes.

This time, the native of Rioverde, San Luis Potosí, Mexico, took the opportunity to upload a video to her Instagram stories in which she appears to be showing off her body while finishing her makeup. But what undoubtedly became the focus of attention was her tight black latex bodysuit with an impressive neckline down to the navel. She shows that at 51 years old, she maintains an enviable figure.

“Almost ready, pieces of my soul and my life. This is part of the look. I can’t show you any more because you can’t,” the singer is heard saying in the clip, which has received very good comments.

It is worth mentioning that Ana Bárbara usually shows her followers some of the exercise routines she performs to show off her shapely curves. A few days ago, she shared a video in which she appears wearing a tiny top and tight blue leggings while doing a session especially focused on her legs, with the song “En Realidad” by Ángela Aguilar as background music.

What is Ana Bárbara’s real name?

For several years, Ana Bárbara has shined on different stages with her unique style and enormous talent. What very few people know about her is that, in real life, she doesn’t go by that name.

Ana Bárbara triumphed in the art world thanks to her talent for acting, but mainly because of her unique and dazzling voice. In this way, she achieved a successful career in regional Mexican music. To such an extent that the public knows her by the alias of La Reina Grupera.

The fact is that the interpreter’s birth name is Altagracia Ugalde Mota. Curiously enough, during her childhood and adolescence, she was not called by that name either. Affectionately, her loved ones nicknamed her La Peque because she was the smallest in her home.