Ana Bárbara is moved by remembering her sister with an emotional video 20 years after her death

The famous singer Ana Barbara put aside his comic side on social networks to celebrate the memory of his sister Marissa Ugalde with an emotional video 20 years after her unfortunate death.

It was through social networks that the interpreter of “Bandido” shocked his followers after sharing a short clip in which there are a series of photographs in which the singer and her sister appear, from when they were children until their last years.

However, the blow of emotions came when Ana Bárbara set the video to music with a song of his authorship entitled Mar. The famous 50-year-old expresses her pain on the subject: “Mar, you took my hope with the force that reached your shore that morning. You left me almost nothing. I only have my sadness accompanying me on your beach.”

“20 years have already passed today! The pain of your absence has not been alleviated even with all the crying; However, in my soul and heart, I carry you so as not to miss you so much. I love you to infinity and beyond,“ wrote the Mexican regional singer to accompany her publication.

This clip did not go unnoticed by Internet users, who, through comments, expressed their affection for Ana Bárbara and congratulated her for keeping the memory of her sister alive: “I love that song, now I understand by that, “You have a little angel who takes care of you from heaven,” “A hug to your heart” and “How beautiful my Anita, your sister accompanies you wherever you go,” it reads under her post.

According to previous interviews with the Mexican, her sister Marissa Ugalde died in a tragic car accident at the age of 26 years. He even explained that he found out while rehearsing for a concert, as he received a phone call from his mother, Mrs. Lourdes Motta, who revealed the sad news to him.