Ana Bárbara toasts with El Fantasma and video shows that she goes for drinks

To the surprise of her fans, the famous potosina singer, Ana Barbara showed that she is not afraid to get into drinking with a recent publication on her digital platforms, where she appeared with El Fantasma, who invited her to toast with bottle in handto which she accepted without problems.

Through her personal account on the social network of la camarita, the popular exponent of the Mexican regional shared a short recording that surprised her devoted admirers, since she was encouraged to take a direct drink from a bottle of tequila in front of the gaze of multiple viewers.

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It seems that the singer-songwriter from Durango invited ‘Reina Grupero’ a drink, which she could not refuse, because according to her she cannot refuse the invitation of a noble gentleman, and before taking a drink directly from the bottle, both hats are removed.

“I’m going to take it to your health because an old chida does not despise a gentleman,” said the interpreter of ‘Bandido’ and ‘Mala Racha’ while throwing her head back and pouring a good amount of alcoholic beverage into her mouth under the watchful eye of Ghost.

Moments later, the video shows a very smiling Ana Bárbara who is walking holding on to the arms of her work team, but she trips and a flip flop falls off. Her when she turns back and she realizes that she is being filmed: “Are you recording me? It’s not tequila, I swear it’s not tequila.”

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According to the ‘queen of Mexican music’, the sandals were coming off due to the stockings she was wearing, since these prevented her from taking the step as it was due to the fabric of the garment, which continued to cause her footwear to slip and not because it has gone from drinks.

To accompany the publication, the successful songwriter placed a brief message at the bottom of her recording, where she wrote: “Was it the tequila? Yes or no?”; which has managed to add more than 88 thousand reactions of likes so far.

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