Ana Claudia Talancón cancels her announced wedding and reveals her reasons

Mexico. Ana Claudia Talancón cancels her announced wedding and reveals her reasons. The beautiful Mexican actress had made her marriage commitment public weeks ago, but finally broke up.

At the end of 2021, Ana Claudia Talancón shared on her social networks that she would marry Alejandro Lopart, who was also said to be very much in love, but the wedding will not take place.

When approached by some media in CDMX, Ana Claudia, the protagonist of films such as The Crime of Father Amaro, clarifies her sentimental situation and several news portals share it:

“No, we are not finished at all, in fact, here you have it, with my whole family, what happens is that we are not in a hurry because we both have a lot of work right now and why run if it is forever, I prefer to dedicate myself and give myself the time Let’s enjoy it”.

With the above Ana Claudia makes it clear that at least for now she will not get married, But she is moving forward in her relationship with her fiancé, who also gave her a beautiful engagement ring with a stone the color of her eyes, she also said.

Ana Claudia Talancón and her fiancé Alejandro Lopart. Photo of Mexico Agency

Ana Claudia Talancón is originally from Cancún, Quintana Roo and began her career as an actress when she was very young when she participated in the telenovela of Televisión Azteca Al norte del corazón, where Anette Michel and Jorge Luis Pila also participated.

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Since then, Talancón has made his way into the entertainment world in Mexico and He has also participated in films such as Lady’s Night, Matando Cabos, Love in times of anger and As if it had fallen from the sky.

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