Ana Martín reaches the age of 76 thinking about retiring from acting

One more year of life is what the actress celebrates Ana Martin, who is known for having participated in melodramas such as “La Madrastra”, “Soy tu Dueña” and “Corazón Guerrero”. Nevertheless, everything seems to indicate that she is ready to say goodbye to the profession she has held since 1965, the acting. But what is the reason behind his decision? Here we tell you the details.

As part of the celebration of her 76th birthday, the renowned actress spoke about her plans for the future, revealing that “It’s about time to retire from acting”.

“They no longer do papers like those”said Ana Martín in this regard during an XEW event to promote the re-release of the remastered telenovelas “Amor Real” and “Corazón Salvaje” through the ‘Tlnovelas’ channel signal.

According to what the actress said, in the new projects there are no longer roles for her age; In addition, she considers that her new characters are not up to those that catapulted her to success during the beginning of her career.

“I am going to celebrate 60 years of work, 76 years of life and made all the characters. I would love to continue working, but there are no longer characters my ageit’s been many years and they do not make characters like those of Doña Sara Garcíabut that does not depend on me, but on the producers”, he commented in front of several media outlets.

And it is that we remember that Ana Martín lived first-hand the time of the Mexican Golden Cinema and participated in memorable projects that the public applauds to this day. Such is the case of the telenovela “The sin of Oyuki”, which ended its transmission in 1988.

The news of her possible retirement has caused a stir among her ‘red bone’ followers, this because, unlike many colleagues of her time, she chose her profession before marriage or motherhood.

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