Ana Patricia Gámez confesses that she cried a lot during Francisca Lachapel’s wedding

Ana Patricia Gamez She was one of the wedding guests Francesca Lachapel with Francesco Zampogna. And in an interview with Latin Moms, she spoke about the special moments of the wedding. There she revealed that she cried a lot at this wedding because she was full of very loving moments and assured that one of the most special was the dance of the bride and groom, the famous waltz.

“I felt super blessed to be in the front row capturing this moment,” said the host of Falling in love USA. She also said that another moment that touched her heart was her girlfriend’s dance with her mom. “You see this and it is impossible not to cry,” added Ana Patricia.

In an interview with Yoselin Acevedo, Ana Patricia answered that although it is true every time she goes to a wedding she can feel the desire to go through that again, she also says that when she remembers what it entails: preparations, stress and others… this without a doubt It makes the urge suddenly go away. So renewing her wedding vows with another wedding is out of the question.

Ana Patricia Gámez also confessed that she gave Francisca her friendship as a wedding gift. Since the true material gift he brought her was more for Gennaro. She claims that once a woman becomes a mother, all the gifts she receives are no longer for herself, but for her children.

Here you can see the entertaining interview with Latin Moms.

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