Ana Patricia Gámez secret shares unexpected beauty product

  • Ana Patricia Gámez doesn’t spend fortunes on her beauty?
  • A video confirmed suspicions about what the Mexican is doing
  • Stingy? Spend on an inexpensive product sold in Mexico to maintain your hair

The Mexican host Ana Patricia Gámez shows off her beauty in Instagram posts and gives advice to her followers about what they can do to spend so much on products that highlight the attributes of each person, however, with the fortune you have, do you prefer to spend on cheap things?

A video recently posted on the Univisión Famosos account on Instagram would confirm suspicions about that phrase that says ‘not everything is what it seems’, because when the former beauty queen pretends that she spends a fortune on products for her care and image, it turns out that It is not like this.

Ana Patricia Gámez gives an unexpected beauty secret

Ana Patricia Gámez beauty
Instagram: Univision Famosos

And it is that when nobody expected that the Mexican would economize on her lifestyle, although it has been said that she would go through a financial crisis after retiring from television, which was discarded with what she earns in advertising campaigns, now she publishes an unexpected advice on a certain product.

One of the main attributes of Ana Patricia Gámez is her hair, straight, regal and brown, envied by many women and nobody expected that the Mexican would give the way in which she highlights her beauty and takes care of it, as opposed to spending millions on branded products , he went for the easiest …

The beauty of Ana Patricia Gámez is not in question

Ana Patricia Gámez secret beauty gel

“… This clowning, this is a gel that I used when I was a child in Mexico and that I loved because it licked my hair the way I liked it and the last time I went I brought this big boat and this little one, so as not to have this There in the drawer, I said ‘I’m going to take two little ones’ and in case the little one ends up filled with this… ”, he commented, pointing to two gels named ‘Super wet’.

The surprising thing about this video is that when beauty experts have recommended treatments with brand-name products to take care of the hair, Ana Patricia Gámez went for this cheap gel that they sell in Mexico and according to her it is very difficult to find in the US.

Beautiful hair? Ana Patricia Gámez recommends something for her beauty

Ana Patricia Gámez beauty

In addition to giving her beauty advice, Ana Patricia Gámez shared another one about her daughter and that is that she uses a product similar to the ‘Super Wet’ gel but with another name: “I comb Giulietta with this golden giggle. One bottle finished, that’s why I took another one because if I use it again, once it dries I don’t have residues, so… it doesn’t stick as much but it’s fine as a child… ”, he commented.

And it is that far from going for brand-name products in the US itself, the Mexican has to go to her native country to stock up on what is good for her beauty: “I used this little spoon that is from the kitchen but Very well, I really haven’t seen this here (the product in the US), that’s why I brought it from there, the one that I have seen is this ‘Goldilocks’ but in very few stores and there is always one or two, so every time I go to Mexico I bring about ten … “, he commented.

Do you like to save money or do you have no money? Ana Patricia Gámez’s beauty tips

Mexican beauty secrets

And it is that since she retired from television to be with her family, Ana Patricia Gámez only appears on her podcast and on social networks, although she recently had a participation covering Francisca Lachapel for a week in her program of years, Despierta América.

To finish her beauty recommendation on the products, Ana Patricia Gámez commented: “… It is also super cheap and very good… Who else does the same as me, who brings the products of their land whenever they can or try to get them here in the United States, ”he commented. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT ANA PATRICIA GÁMEZ SAID

Show off your body in a bikini; the beauty of the mexican driver

Ex-conductor beauty

Ana Patricia Gámez swimsuit. After a time of being out of the cameras, a few days ago the return of the Mexican presenter Ana Patricia Gámez was made official. Which has generated great emotion in his followers and positive and supportive messages have flooded his social network accounts.

Through her Instagram account, the former model shared an image where she appears with her friends enjoying a day in the sun, showing off her figure in a red swimsuit showing off her curves. Apparently he has been quite happy after his triumphant return to the morning show Despierta América.

Ana Patricia Gámez appears in a swimsuit

Ana Patricia Gámez swimsuit

It should be remembered that in 2010, Ana Patricia Gámez became the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010, a contest that was broadcast on the Univisión network. After becoming a winner, Ana Patricia was credited with $ 250,000, in addition to winning a contract with the same television network, starting a great career and becoming one of the most loved by the Hispanic public.

The Mexican host has an unparalleled beauty, so much so that even in the same year that she won the contest, the beautiful model entered the list of The 50 Most Beautiful Faces of 2010 by People en Español magazine. He constantly takes the opportunity to show off his figure on his Instagram account in tiny outfits that leave his followers with their mouths open.

Ana Patricia Gámez swimsuit: Enjoy a pleasant moment

Ana Patricia Gámez swimsuit: Enjoy a pleasant moment

The beautiful host of the program Despierta América, appears wearing a low-cut and fitted red swimsuit, while she is burning her friends. The three women are apparently enjoying a pleasant moment in the sun, enjoying the beautiful view of the sea and the beach.

The image was shared leaving a message for her friends where she mentions that they are the best, immediately the Internet users showed their pleasure to see the Mexican woman quite happy. Even many are amazed to see the impressive physique of the television presenter.

Ana Patricia Gámez swimsuit: Heart attack neckline

Ana Patricia Gámez swimsuit: Heart attack neckline

Even in her Instagram stories, Ana Patricia Gámez appears wearing another one-piece swimsuit completely different from the low-cut red she showed in the post with her friends. Here you can see how he poses for the camera lying on the beach enjoying the beautiful view.

Like the previous outfit, this swimsuit highlights her charms with an incredible neckline that makes her look spectacular at 34 years of age. There is no doubt that as the years go by, the Mexican looks better and now with the motivation to return to television we may see her much more beautiful than before.

“So much curve and me without brake”

Ana Patricia Gámez swimsuit: "So much curve and me without brakes"

The compliments and compliments were present in the comments from his followers who were shocked by the figure of Ana Patricia on the beach: “So much curve and me without brake”, “Anita you are beautiful and the friends too”, “What a life so that it would be eternal “,” Bella Ana Patricia, a thousand Blessings my Queen Bella. “

“What a Nice View, to have it in a painting”, “Nena, how rich !!! You are giving yourself the good life !!! How delicious “,” Great body how I miss you and see the program without you princess “,” Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful “,” Bella my Anita like you in Falling in love there is none, we miss you, but Karina Banda is very good. But with all due respect, in my opinion, you made the show much better, she is very quick to open the door of love very quickly, even sometimes she’s wrong and you were never wrong, that’s why we miss you ”, were some comments.

The beauty of the Mexican driver

The beauty of the Mexican driver
PHOTO: Instagram

At 34, Ana Patricia Gámez previously surprised on social networks by appearing in a fitted black swimsuit, and shows her thousands of followers why Nuestra Belleza Latina won approximately 11 years ago. The woman continues almost the same as in her youth and reign!

However, and with the passing of the years, Ana Patricia continues to be kept as beautiful as since her beginnings in the world of show business, this is how we have been able to observe it in the innumerable photographs that the former beauty queen boasts in her social networks, captivating his fans.