Ana Patricia Gámez shares a video of her husband and Karla Martínez, and he claims: “Why did you have to put this video?”

Ana Patricia Gamez uploaded a personal video to Instagram that has made her husband respond with a particular claim. In the recording he appears dancing with her sister Karla Martínez, host of Despierta América.

The host of Falling in love USA wrote next to the publication: “She can be glamorous and also very simple, in both ways she is divine and fun! Happy birthday my @KarlaMartinezTv 🎂 good health and good health 🍸 the rest you already have 🙏🏼🙌🏼💕 (When -already- midnight entered, the party was very good 🤣)”.

It is not known whether Ana Patricia Gámez’s husband liked the video or not, and it is that he commented to her like this: “And why did you have to put this video?” While Karla Martínez, very amused and grateful, tells him: “I can’t stop laughing!!! I love you sweet sister! @anapatriciatv“. Ana Patricia’s motivation was to celebrate the birthday of her friend and her co-worker.

Millie Morales also took the opportunity to comment and congratulate Karla Martínez on her special date with these words: “Happy birthday Karlita beautiful many many blessings 🙏, good health and much love and may you fulfill many dreams and many more years ❤️❤️❤️❤️TQM”.

While others say: “The little brothers are so beautiful”. And there was no lack of negative and funny comment in which they say: “But they didn’t dance to that man when he was little😂”. In his defense they said: “But I enjoy it, that’s the important thing.”

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