Ana Patricia Gámez talks about a frightened supernatural experience at her home

  • Does Ana Patricia Gámez live in a haunted house?
  • The Mexican former host of Enamorándonos USA recounted a terrifying experience
  • It all happened when she was pregnant with her son Gael, in 2018

The artists live experiences that do not necessarily always make the people who follow them know and on this occasion it was Ana Patricia Gámez who recounted a terrifying experience during a crucial period in her life, when she was pregnant with her son Gael, during 2018 and the terror he felt.

Through her podcast where she talks about different topics and taking advantage of the Halloween and Day of the Dead dates, the former beauty presenter told her followers that for a while she faced ‘dark energies’ inside her house to such a degree that her husband he thought he was going to die.

Ana Patricia Gámez, haunted? Terrifying experience account

Instagram: Univision Famosos

And it is that all the terror began when her daughter Giulietta assured her that she saw a sinister presence in one of the rooms, to such a degree that it scared Ana Patricia Gámez that while she was pregnant with Gael, she did not know how to react, until the little girl he made the same comment more and more often.

With a broken voice, the Mexican said: “Giulietta suddenly says to me ‘Mom, what is that that is there?’ … Ah, no, I swear, she turned to see what the door of the room was and she told me ‘What’s that, it’s ugly,’ ”Ana Patricia Gámez began expressing without knowing what she was facing.

The terrifying experience got worse and worse for the Mexican’s family

The Mexican shared terrifying experience

Through a video compiled by ‘Univisión Famosos’, it is possible to see how Ana Patricia Gámez scared tells that so complicated stage that she lived during Gael’s pregnancy, which served to reinforce her belief in God and cling to her faith to achieve’ defeat ‘the strange forces that would be in his house and that his girl Giulietta saw.

“It was … oh no, my God, a feeling of ‘what do I do’ I started to pray with her and I said ‘my love nothing happens’, I mean I don’t know, I swear it was something very very ugly, I I talked to Luis (her husband), what the girl told me because she didn’t tell me just one day, they were like several times she told me… ”, says the Mexican woman who was visibly scared just to remember it.

Terrified, Ana Patricia Gámez said how she managed to overcome that difficult stage

Ana Patricia Gámez terrified by a sinister presence?

And the only thing that Ana Patricia Gámez could think of to fight against that sinister presence that her daughter saw was to pray and increase her faith in her belief in God, however, she says that even her husband Luis also managed to feel something terrible that even made one think that he would die soon:

“Pray a rosary every night in each of the corners of the house, in each of the corners of the home and do them all together, holding hands so that whatever it is, it goes away… we decided to do this because we believe both in the good, and that the bad can happen, we believe in God, we believe that there are bad energies that want to affect your family… ”, the Mexican continued narrating.

Ana Patricia Gámez’s husband felt that he would die soon

Ana Patricia Gámez terrified by ghost

And it is that Ana Patricia Gámez’s husband also felt the negative energy that was inside his house and even began to say goodbye to the former television host, assuring her that he was worried because he felt that he would die soon, which terrified the Mexican even more:

“Luis felt so so he told me ‘call my mother to take me to the hospital, I feel like I’m going to die, you stay with Giulietta’, I was pregnant with Gael and he told me ‘love, I feel like I’m going to die, I’m sorry if I miss you and my children ‘, that is, I swear it was like …’ how are you saying goodbye to me, you’re fine, you don’t have anything, don’t worry, everything is going to happen ‘”, concluded Ana Patricia Gámez making it clear that with the passage of time things improved. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ANA PATRICIA’S TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

To the terrifying experience, Ana Patricia Gámez recently mourned the death of her grandmother

Ana Patricia Gamez

Ana Patricia Gámez and her grandmother. The Mexican has two very complicated years not only because of the pandemic, but because of her decision to leave television, then because of the death of her father, and now that of her grandmother a few days ago, so in her most recent podcast session she let off steam and ended up crying.

The former host of Enamorándonos USA recorded herself counting the last minutes of her beloved grandmother’s life and Ana Patricia Gámez did not keep silent about the impact that holding her hand until her last breath, which undoubtedly destroyed her.

He narrated the last moments of his grandmother’s life

Ana Patricia Gámez grandmother
Instagram: Univision Famosos

In a video compiled by the Instagram account of ‘Univisión Famosos’ you can see part of the conversation that Ana Patricia Gámez had with her followers about her grandmother, who died at the beginning of October at the age of 91, leaving an immense sadness in his family.

Ana Patricia Gámez affectionately called her grandmother as ‘Mama Nina’ and through her podcast she gave details of her last moments of life: “Now her breathing was going little by little, she was losing it, my mother would not let go of her, she gave her kisses and he also said ‘don’t leave me my love,’ “said the Mexican.

The Mexican held her grandmother’s hand until her last breath

Grandmother Ana Patricia Gámez

Visibly affected, Ana Patricia Gámez continued to narrate the death of her grandmother: “… My mother told us ‘say goodbye to your grandmother because I think she is going to leave’ … we give her to God,” she said with difficulty trying not to cry although that was inevitable for her.

“And each one of the people who were in the room said goodbye with a kiss, saying nice words to her that she should go away calmly, that we were going to take care of her old man and as soon as the last person says goodbye to my grandmother, she stops breathe, ”Ana Patricia Gámez let out through tears.

He dies at 11:50 am due to the pain and sorrow of the entire family of Ana Patricia Gámez

The driver takes off steam for her grandmother

“He dies at 11:50 in the morning, it is a very sad scene, I had never experienced a scene like this, as I told you I was not there when my father had his last breath, but it is very impressive, it stays in your heart , it stays in your mind… ”said Ana Patricia Gámez crying.

In her social networks, the Mexican wanted to pay tribute to her grandmother with photographs and videos now that she passed away, but she continues with a devastated heart in the face of the sad loss and unfortunately she fears that her grandfather will fall in spirit so she decided to buy her a puppy.

His grandfather is 96 years old and was devastated by the death of his partner of more than 70 years together


Unfortunately for Ana Patricia Gámez, her grandfather, partner of her ‘mother Nina’, is 96 years old and was devastated by the departure of her partner of more than 70 years, begging her not to leave and not to leave him alone, so now the family is focused on giving her attention and all the love in the world.

“She is a super hardworking woman, you know me and you know that I love to undertake, sell, I think I inherited it from her because since I was little, I and my sisters, my aunts, she taught her what he was value of work, she made tamales to sell, cookies … ”, she concluded fondly remembering her grandmother.

They send their condolences to Ana Patricia Gámez for the death of her grandmother


And it is that the Mexican withdrew from television to focus on her family and could not do it at a better time, because with the losses of her father and grandmother, she is clearer that time with loved ones is the most valuable thing that has … before that he received support and condolences for being in mourning:

“I’m very sorry Anita”, “My condolences Ana dear”, “GOD have your grandmother in his glory”, some people commented in the compilation video that Univisión Famosos shared on Instagram about how sad the former host of Enamorándonos felt , who at the moment has no plans to return to television. HERE YOU CAN SEE ANA PATRICIA GÁMEZ’S VIDEO ABOUT HER GRANDMOTHER