Ana Rosa Vaz Pönicke, Ricardo Montaner’s ex-wife, spoke for the first time about the singer’s family and Stefi Roitman

Ana Rosa Vaz Pönicke It was Ricardo Montaner’s first wife, the mother of his two oldest children, who supported the artist in his first steps towards success. And although she stays away from the media and keeps a low profile, in the last few hours she broke her silence and spoke for the first time with The Run Run of the Show in HD Chronicle.

“I will only tell you that I am a very proud mother of my children whom I love deeply and that I love Ricardo and Marlene’s children very much… The boys are brothers of my children and they are loving boys… I know Stefi and she is a spectacular girl. I know that they will be very happy and blessed in their lives, “the woman replied through a WhatsApp message that she sent to the program.

Montaner married Ana in 1975 and they separated 11 years later. During their marriage they had two children: Alejandro has a degree in Business Administration, was born in Venezuela and settled in the United States. Héctor, on the other hand, is an author, composer and singer. As a result of his unconditional love the song was born spring nights, composed by Montaner himself in honor of his beloved. However, recording studios, tours and album promotions led to a fraying relationship.

Ana Vaz chose to keep a super low profile. So much so that their profiles on social networks are private. It is her two children who share photographs with her. So far, there are no public images of the couple during the years they were together. For its part, Ricardo is always very close to the two children he had with his first wife.

Montaner married Ana in 1975 and they separated 11 years later

The Montaners made headlines in recent weeks after Ricky and Stefi Roirman are getting married in a mixed ceremony and said “yes” before some three hundred people who went to a room in Exaltación de la Cruz, about 82 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires, to celebrate with them.

In order to celebrate in peace in times of pandemic, all the guests had to have a swab at the door of the place and those who tested negative, about six people, could not enter, beyond the link they had with the brand new marriage.

The relationship between Stefi and Ricky was born in October 2019 and had previously been cooking remotely and in 2.0 mode, as befits the times. They still did not know that those direct messages they exchanged on Instagram would mark their love story until he kicked off. He did it through the official account of the band that he shares with his brother: he reacted to a story of a photo of the actress. He sent her a heart, to which she responded with the praying hands emoji. As he said later, he did it as a “thank you”, in addition, he did not know which of Ricardo Montaner’s children was on the other on the screen.

Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner
“I know Stefi and she is a spectacular girl,” said Ana Rosa Vaz Pönicke, Ricardo Montaner’s ex-wife

Until he received another message, already written and not with stickers. “Hey, beautiful, how are you? Just so you know, I am the bachelor and the less handsome of the two Montaner brothers.”, Ricky told him and immediately began the virtual back and forth. Until the artist traveled to Argentina and invited the actress to a show and then to eat. “Without knowing it, I put before my eyes the love of my life”, Stefi was honest about that Friday in October when she came face to face with the musician from the duo Mau and Ricky.

This was the beginning of the long-distance relationship that, luckily for them, did not last long: in January 2020, Stefi traveled to Miami to meet the Montaner family. And one day -more precisely, on Tuesday the 14th- they went for a ride in the convertible car and while the actress was blowing her hair to the rhythm of the music, the singer made her a romantic proposal. And he asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend. Almost two years later, the bride and groom became husband and wife.


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