Ana Victoria would have looked for Toño Mauri to save Diego Verdaguer

Toño Mauri would have been one of the people who knew about Diego Verdaguer’s complicated health (Photos: Instagram @z.baldo/EFE)

After the sudden death of Diego Verdaguer on January 27, it was revealed that her daughter Anna Victoria, in his desperation to save his father’s life, he sought out Tony Mauri.

Diego Verdaguer died after fighting for a month against the covid-19, a disease from which he contracted at the end of December. As reported by the program The fat and the skinnyhad complications due to thyroid and further details are unknown.

The Argentine’s death was so unexpected that the vast majority of the artists close to him and his family were unaware of his serious state of health. However, in said program it was mentioned that Toño Mauri did know what was happening with the interpreter of I will be back, because Ana Victoria would have maintained contact with him, because she hoped that the actor would advise her.

Toño Mauri (Photo: Jesse S. Jones/Jesse S. JonesUniversity of Florida)
Toño Mauri had to undergo a double lung transplant after contracting covid-19 (Photo: Jesse S. Jones/Jesse S. JonesUniversity of Florida)

Lili Estefan revealed that during a dinner with Mauri, he would have told him that Amanda Miguel’s daughter spoke with him, informing him of Verdaguer’s state of health and asking him for advice, Well, the actor managed to overcome covid and the strong consequences it had on his body.

And it is that Toño Mauri was hospitalized at the University of Florida Health Shands for seven months after contracting covid-19 in 2020. The disease caused his lungs will collapse, which is why he had to be induced into a coma. The damage was so serious that they had to do a double lung transplantIf he hadn’t lost his life.

In her desperation, Ana Victoria would have sought a way to save her father’s life shortly before his death. As reported by the program, not even the singer’s family expected him to die on January 27, which is why funeral services were not arranged and Verdaguer’s body remained in the hospital where he died until the afternoon of January 28.

Diego Verdaguer
Diego Verdaguer, Argentine singer, died at the age of 70 on the afternoon of Thursday, January 27 (Photo: Instagram/@diegoverdaguer)

So far, details about the Argentine’s death are unknown, and the family reported that they will say goodbye to him privately; his body was cremated in Los Angeles. Later, a public act is expected to be held so that his followers can say a final goodbye.

Ana said goodbye to her father through a short message on Instagram, along with a photograph of Verdaguer carrying her newborn grandson Lucca.

“Daddy, thanks for everything., absolutely everything you are and with it everything you gave us. I am eternally grateful. This image will remain forever in my heart., wrote the singer in the image.

For its part, amanda michael She wrote a short tweet in one of the latest posts from her husband’s Twitter profile. “Always love You”, were the words of the interpreter of castles.

(Capture: @soyanavictoria/Instagram)
Ana said goodbye to Diego Verdaguer with this photo of her father with his grandson (Capture: @soyanavictoria/Instagram)

As announced by the couple’s publicist, despite their position on vaccines, Diego Verdaguer yes he would have been inoculated, but the variant of SARS-CoV-2 with which he was infected was the Delta, which is why it would have severely affected his body.

Diego left several projects without finishing or carrying out, such was the release of a song in which he worked with Juan Gabriel; the production of the next album Julian Figueroa, son of Joan Sebastian, and the 18-date tour of the United States with his wife, A lifetime.


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