Anabel Hernández ratifies the love affair of Galilea Montijo and Arturo Beltrán Leyva

The journalist Anabel Hernandez answered to Galilea Montijo and all those mentioned in his book on alleged relationships between entertainment stars and people linked to drug trafficking, in a text by “Emma and the Other Narco Ladies”.

“I have carried out this research with the same rigor and method as my research on corruption and abuse of power networks. I had access to direct witnesses, in person, of the events that I narrate here; people who were just there, behind the scenes ”.

According to the short review of the book on Amazon, “the report deals with the complex world of organized crime in Mexico and its relationship with the world of entertainment, based on information from collaborators very close to drug traffickers.

Anabel Hernández spoke about her book

Galilea Montijo Galilea Montijo cried in an interview.

According to the Mexican reporter, the pages “take the reader to the family gatherings, parties and bedrooms of various drug traffickers where stories of love, buying and selling of pleasure, incest, ambition, betrayal and revenge take place. A world hitherto unknown. “.

In the book, the journalist points out that the host of the Hoy program had an affair with Arturo Beltrán Leyva “El Barbas.” In addition, it details that the capo supported Gali to get his sister out of jail.

For her part, the host of the Hoy program said that the comments about her person in Hernández’s recent book hurt her and said that “she could take legal action.” However, the driver has been linked to Inés Gómez Mont and her husband, Manuel Álvarez Puga.

Galilea Montijo assures that he will sue

Galilea Montijo cried in an interview.

“It bothers me … yes … it makes me sad … also, because I have been a working woman and, well, I will take legal action, in due course,” said the driver on the verge of tears in an interview.

Anabel Hernández says that with this book she seeks to understand “the various components of the drug cartels, which have plunged Mexico for decades in a spiral of violence in which dozens of innocent people are exploited, disappeared or murdered.”

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