Anahí celebrates her 39th birthday with a heart-stopping waist

A day like today, but in 1983, one of the members of “RBD” and protagonists of the world phenomenon “Rebelde” was born. Anahíwho has an enviable beauty that has led her to be considered one of the most beautiful women in the industry.

This Saturday, the interpreter of songs like “Sálvame” and “Five minutes” welcomes her 39th birthday, and boy does she do it in the best way! With a heart attack physique and a career that supports her, the actress is also in one of the best stages of their life.

And it is that Anahí he has made the public aware of what happens in his private life despite staying away from the spotlight. She does it through her social networks, where she has managed to amass a number of followers that is around 9 million.

Through her Instagram account, the famous woman shows herself in a facet that the public loves: that of a family mother. With various photographs and videos, Anahí gives a “little taste” of his family getaways and achievements that his little ones Manuel and Emiliano Velasco collectproduct of her marriage to the politician Manuel Velasco Coello.

Likewise, the socialite has been honest about the arduous exercise and eating routine that she follows to preserve her statuesque figure. Proof of this is one of her most recent publications, where she, together with her husband, showed her commitment to her physical well-being.

Sheathed in a tight sports outfit, made up of leggings and crop topAnahí showed her athletic side by performing various exercises that have made her reach 39 years of age with an enviable body.

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