Anahí Hospitalized During RBD Reunion Concert in Sao Paulo, Leaving Fans Anxious

RBD's Anahí, struggling with undisclosed illness, exits Sao Paulo concert in ambulance, prompting fan concern and support.

SAO PAULO, Brazil – In a frightening turn of events, pop star Anahí was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and forced to leave an RBD concert in Brazil on Friday night, leaving fans worried about her health.

The incident occurred during RBD’s highly anticipated reunion tour show at Allianz Parque in Sao Paulo. Anahí and her former bandmates Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann, and Christian Chávez reunited this year for a worldwide tour celebrating 15 years since their debut.

Anahí Falls Ill Before Concert, Promises to Push Through

Trouble started earlier this week when Anahí revealed over social media that she was feeling unwell and feverish. She assured fans she did not have COVID-19 or the flu and vowed to push through her illness to perform.

“I don’t know what I have yet. The doctors are here, and we’ll run tests,” Anahí told concerned followers in an Instagram video before Friday’s concert. “I’ll give the best of myself in the remaining shows. I hope I can be at the level you all deserve.”

True to her word, Anahí took the stage Friday night alongside her bandmates. However, it quickly became apparent she was struggling.

Anahí Stops the Show to Address Her Health, Exits in Ambulance

Anahí’s voice sounded hoarse during the Sao Paulo concert, and she appeared tired. At one point, the star halted the show to address the crowd about her declining condition emotionally.

“I want to thank them, my four siblings, who know these haven’t been easy days, and I’m in a lot of pain. I truly feel terrible about not giving you what you deserve,” Anahí said, referring to her bandmates.

Voice cracking, the singer apologized profusely to fans and thanked them for understanding. She exited the concert in an ambulance with her husband, Manuel Velasco. Video showed Anahí waving sadly to fans as she was driven away for medical treatment.


Fans Voice Support, Concern as Anahí’s Illness Remains Unclear

While the cause of Anahí’s illness is still unknown, fans immediately flooded social media with supportive messages.

“Please take care of yourself! Your health comes first,” one fan account tweeted after the singer was hospitalized.

“Anahí, we love you! Focus on getting better, and don’t worry about us,” wrote another follower on Instagram.

RBD fans globally are voicing concern for Anahí’s well-being and urging her to take time off touring to recover, no matter how difficult the decision. They know the mother of two has battled health issues before and want her to prioritize resting over performing.

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Future Tour Dates in Jeopardy, Mexico City Show Looms

With Anahí’s sickness forcing her to exit Friday’s show prematurely, the fate of the remaining Soy Rebelde tour dates hangs in the balance.

RBD is slated to perform two more concerts in Sao Paulo this weekend before heading to Mexico City. Their massive show at Estadio Azteca on November 25 is set to be the tour’s grand finale. It’s unclear if Anahí will recover in time or be forced to postpone upcoming dates.

The veteran pop star has yet to provide an update on the state of her health or the tour after her hospitalization Friday night. Fans eagerly await whether Anahí will rejoin her fellow RBD members on stage or remain sidelined.

Dulce María Also Ill, Powering Through Shows

Adding to concerns is bandmate Dulce María also falling ill on tour. Like Anahí, Dulce María has been suffering from fever and body aches but is determined to perform.

“I’m going to give the best of myself until my body can’t take it anymore,” Dulce María told the Sao Paulo crowd Friday night before Anahí’s early departure.

Seeing two of their favorite stars battling mystery illnesses has worried RBD fans even more. They hope both vocalists are getting the rest and medical attention they need.

Anahí desmiente conflictos con sus compañeras de RBD - Crédito Anahí
Anahí denies conflicts with her RBD bandmates – Crédito Anahí

Bittersweet Reunion Tour Marred by Health Scares

RBD’s long-awaited reunion tour has been bittersweet for the band and their fans. While the nostalgic shows have celebrated the group’s legacy, the tour has now been darkened by these worrying health issues plaguing Anahí and Dulce María.

The tour was initially meant to unite all six RBD members, but Alfonso Herrera declined to participate for undisclosed reasons. With two of the remaining vocalists falling ill, the reunion has become tainted with a somber tone.

Looking Ahead: Further Updates Expected

All eyes remain on Anahí as fans across the globe hope for a positive update on her health after she was so abruptly hospitalized Friday night. They also continue sending Dulce María supportive messages praising her professionalism and strength to keep performing while sick.

RBD’s tour promoter and management have yet to comment publicly on the status of upcoming shows as Anahí’s illness remains unsurpassed. Further updates on both singers’ health and the tour’s future are expected soon as fans monitor the situation closely.

For now, the RBD faithful are doubling down on motivating the “Sálvame” singer to take the recovery time she needs. They value Anahí’s health and safety far above any concert.