Anahí opens up about her battle with eating disorders and the cost of early fame

Anahí discusses childhood fame, confronts past eating disorders, and celebrates her triumphant return to RBD in an intimate interview.

From the enchanting world of telenovelas to the pop stage, Anahí has graced the limelight since her early years. Yet, beneath the glitz and glamour, this 40-year-old singer and actress has faced struggles that few might imagine.

Her recent interview with journalist Joaquín López Dóriga offers a window into her journey, which saw her return to the limelight with RBD after a 15-year hiatus, now a proud wife and mother of two.

The Highs and Lows of Stardom

As a child, Anahí captured hearts with her roles in “Chiquilladas” and other telenovelas. But her early fame was not without its pitfalls. “The only thing I asked God for at night was ‘that tomorrow they will love me, that tomorrow they will treat me well,'” she tearfully recalled. Bullying, a grim side effect of her fame, plagued her school years. From gum stuck in her hair to cruel taunts, the torment was relentless.

Her fame intensified as she entered high school, leading her to continue with private tutoring. Traditional school experiences, like a graduation trip, eluded her. Yet, she looks back with pride at the career she’s built, saying, “I may not have a degree to show you, but I have a career that fills me with pride.” This sentiment resonates especially when considering her role as Mía in the hit telenovela “Rebelde,” a part some at Televisa felt she wasn’t right for.

The Darkest Hour: Anahí’s Battle with Eating Disorders

The scars of bullying were just the beginning. At 15, as she was being considered for the lead role in the remake of “Quinceañera” titled “Primer Amor,” a pivotal conversation with the show’s producer (later replaced by Pedro Damián) deeply affected her self-perception. “We’re going to make the telenovela. It would be incredible if you were the protagonist, but Anahí, the protagonists are skinny, the protagonists are very beautiful, and you are chubby; you have to work hard on yourself to do the novel,” she painfully recalled. This marked the onset of her harrowing battle with anorexia and bulimia.

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Anahí confessed that these words made her feel insufficient. She became obsessed with her diet, damaging her health to the point of weighing just 38 kilos. Television shows that engaged in body shaming further exacerbated her mental anguish.

The turning point came at 18. “I could go five or six days without eating a bite. Sometimes I would try a grapefruit, sometimes I ate ice,” she shared. One day, while with her cousin Alicia, she felt her heart racing, an indescribable sensation in her stomach. Rushed to Hospital Ángeles, she was diagnosed with a severe cardiac event.

Her body was dangerously depleted of essential minerals and electrolytes. “If my cousin hadn’t taken me to the hospital, and the doctors hadn’t acted as they did, I don’t know what would have happened,” Anahí admitted. Hospitalized for weeks, she was released on her 19th birthday, a rebirth of sorts.

A New Beginning

Anahí’s story underscores the pressures and pitfalls of fame. Yet, her resilience in the face of adversity serves as an inspiration to many. As she once more embraces the stage with RBD, her journey, filled with both tears and triumphs, reminds us of the strength of the human spirit.