Anahí revives Mía Colucci in the video clip of ‘Our Love’ with Moderatto

Anahí made his return to music with a special theme by RBDa group of which he was part along with Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann, Poncho Herrera and Christian Chávez.

The new theme of Moderatto and Anahí this is a new version of the theme ‘Our love‘ of the Mexican group, in what is considered a tribute to the millions of fans who made up this phenomenon.

In recent months, Dulce María announced that the members of RBD are very excited about her plans for the future, among which she revealed that there could be a series of presentations.

Capture of the video clip ‘Our Love’

Meanwhile, the video of the new version of the song “Our Love” was released on Wednesday night through the official platforms of Moderatto and the former RBD taking advantage of the month of love and friendship.

Tribute to Mia Colucci

For the long-awaited video clip, the singer surprised her fans by reviving Mía Colucci, her iconic character in the soap opera Rebelde, which hit the screen almost two decades ago, a fact that did not go unnoticed among her followers of Anahí.

The interpreter wore a black look with metallic touches that she complemented with a choker necklace, a diamond bracelet and the classic little star that she wears in front Mine. Meanwhile, behind the artist and the Moderatto vocalist, an aurora borealis spread.

The video clip for “Our Love” aroused nostalgia among RBD fans, who heard the song for the first time on the album of the same name released by the Mexican group in 2005.