Analysts believe that Microsoft could buy Netflix to expand Xbox Game Pass

The operation to buy Netflix could reach up to $ 100,000 million

The operation to buy Netflix could reach up to $ 100,000 million

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Analysts say that Netflix would be interested in a potential acquisition by Microsoft. They maintain that the recent agreement reached by both companies, for the development of the new advertising plan for the streaming platform, is a sign that they are open to the possibility of a purchase.

Laura Martin, an analyst at the Needham firm, believes that Netflix could be hiding a hidden agenda that perhaps contemplates in the medium or long term that Microsoft can take over its operations..

He explains in turn that the decision to choose to associate with Microsoft is not a coincidence because currently the number of companies that are able to disburse the $100,000 million that could potentially represent a transaction of this type are very few.

The short list includes companies such as Google or Amazon, however it does not seem feasible that either of these two is interested in the purchase.

To this must also be added that Microsoft is currently in a growth stage, especially with regard to its business segment aimed at video games.. Proof of this was the acquisition of Activision and Blizzard, which is still in development, for almost $70,000 million in what was a blow to the table for the sector.

Likewise It must be taken into account that Xbox is betting heavily on streaming content with the launch of Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is already present in Samsung televisions. With this, Microsoft hopes to pave the way for what they believe will be the future of video games in which consoles would not be necessary.

“Netflix is ​​trying to get closer to Microsoft in the hope that after Microsoft digests its acquisition of Activision, it will switch and buy Netflix next,” says Martin.

The analyst’s comments come at a time when Netflix is ​​in a complex situation with a significant drop in its share price as a result of the recent drop in the number of subscribers. This has resulted in the platform being forced to find new sources of income, such as the launch of a cheaper plan that will include advertising and that would have to reach the market before the end of the year.

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