Anastasia Karanikolaou turns around and models a flowing green jumpsuit

The successful American model, anastasia karanikolaoudazzled his fans after sharing a couple of attractive postcards on his Instagram profile, in which he appeared modeling a risky set of the prestigious Mugler brand that covered most of his body, but left his glamorous style visible.

As everyone knows, the beautiful 24-year-old has managed to make a name for herself in the modeling industry thanks to its unique beauty and slender silhouette in the shape of an hourglass that has captivated millions of people, since no matter what it is put on, it always delights the eyes of everyone who sees it.

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It should be noted that the famous influencer would not be where she is if it had not been for the unconditional support of her best friend Kylie JennerWell, it was she who helped her at the beginning of her career when she participated in the advertising campaigns of the fashion and beauty brands of several of the sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

However, in recent years Anastasia has enjoyed great popularity among Internet users due to her content on digital platforms, which has opened the doors for her to collaborate with important clothing companies such as Pretty Little ThingsRevolve, Fashion Noval, Ego, among many others.

With her most recent publication through her personal account on the social network of the camera, the beautiful youtuber took the opportunity to show off her collaboration with the prestigious brand of Muglerwearing one of the new garments from designer Jimmy Cho’s collection.

In the postcards, Karanikolaou appeared alongside sisters Devon and Sydney Carlson, popular American influencers and models, who have been close friends with Stassie – as Anastasia is known in the web world – for a couple of years.

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Obviously the publication did not go unnoticed by Internet users, especially because of a photograph in which you can see the young internet celebrity squatting and with her back to the camera lens, dressed in a fitted green jumpsuit with transparencies and some black sneakers that gave the final touch to her look.

In just a couple of hours, the publication caught the attention of a large number of users on the platform, adding up to now more than 486 thousand reactions of likes in the form of a little red heart and about 1,100 comments from its users. loyal fans.

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