André Carrillo reveals the millionaire gifts that the sheikhs in Saudi Arabia gave him: A car and more!

Andre Carrillo appeared as a guest on the program “La Lengua” of Jesus Alzamora on YouTube and recounted some passages of his pass to Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia. The Peruvian national team said that “they hit him unnecessarily” due to the harsh criticism he received for accepting the offer.

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When I received the offer I called Jefferson (Farfán) because he had played in Dubai. I told him about numbers because I have a good relationship with him, he is like an older brother, I have a lot of confidence. He always treated me well since I got to the national team. He said to me: ‘wow, grab that train’, commented the footballer.

However, one of the topics that impressed Jesús Alzamora was when Carrillo revealed to him that a millionaire sheik gave him a car and other luxurious details.

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“I’ve had a few little gifts. I remember that when we won the Asian Champions League, he approached a prince, thanked me for the title and gave me a little watch. A nice little watch…”said Carrillo generating Alzamora’s surprise.


André Carrillo confessed that a millionaire in Saudi Arabia gave him a car and he did not hesitate for a second to accept it. In addition, he pointed out that out of the details, the treatment they have given to his family is the most important thing.

After having won the Champions League, I was lucky that all the Arabs on my team are flying, we have a great team. They offered me a car… I received him with open arms. It’s crazy. Who here can give you that? They are small details that they can give you”, held the national flyer.


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