Andrea Chaparro reveals an awkward moment with Sergio Mayer Mori in Rebelde

Andrea Chaparro, actress of the new version of Rebelde,revealed in a recent interview that she experienced a very uncomfortable kiss with her co-star Sergio Mayer Mori, during the recordings of the series.

In the interview, the young actress, daughter of Omar Chaparro, revealed some details of her participation in Rebelde.

Recently, on AmericanPost.News, we let you know that Netflix’s started Rebelde’s second season and we revealed all the details.

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Andrea Chaparro lived an uncomfortable moment with Sergio Mayer Mori

During an interview for the YouTube program “Pinky Promise”, actress Andrea Chaparro confessed that Sergio Mayer Mori, who plays Esteban’s character in the new program, gave her the worst kiss.

Let’s remember that in April 2021 we let you know that the attitude of Bárbara Mori’s son was not the best.

The actor was accused of being arrogant with the entire production and even Andrea Chaparro would have faced him demanding that he respect everyone or rather resign.

Andrea Chaparro and Sergio Mayer Mori

Sergio Mayer Mori confessed that he did not like Rebelde

The daughter of Omar Chaparro, detailed the uncomfortable moment she lived with Sergio Mayer Mori, when they performed a romantic scene.

“My worst kissing experience in Rebelde… with Sergio Mayer Mori. There is a part, where the kiss itself is supposed to be awkward, it was very uncomfortable, but I think I understood one thing, he understood another”.

“A lack of communication and it was just awkward. That shot was left, the most uncomfortable (feeling), because it was … but it was funny, it turned out good,” she concluded.

This is not the first time that the name of actor Sergio Mayer Mori has been reduced in a negative way in the interviews of his colleagues.

Previously, the actor caused a lot of controversy among RBD fans, admitting that he knew nothing about the generation that Dulce María, Anahi, Maite, Poncho Herrrera, Christopher Uckerman and Cristian Chavez starred in.

What’s more, Sergio Mayer Mori confessed that he did not like the songs of the band, shortly after his father had to come out to defend him, the truth is that the attitude of the young actor has given much to talk about among Rebelde‘s fans.