Andrea Escalona announces that she is pregnant, but who is the father?

Andrea Escalona announced during the “Hoy” program the happy news that she will be a mother. The driver will debut in motherhood at 35 years old, she is three months pregnant and everything is going perfectly, as she revealed.

“I am 13 weeks, everything is fine, I am very excited, I still do not believe it. Here it is, he introduced the baby to you,” Escalona said in a video where she is in for a routine ultrasound.

In 2020, Andrea went through one of the most difficult moments of her life due to the death of her mother, producer Magda Rodríguez, whom she assured sent her the blessing of being able to bring someone into the world.

“I am very grateful to my mother, I know that she sent it to me from heaven, I know that Magdita wants to return,” she said, so they quickly questioned her if it is a girl who is on the way.

She clarified that she still does not know the sex of her first-born, but she did advance that “I call him ‘churrite’ because I still don’t put the ‘o’, or the ‘a’.”

However, Andrea Escalona has never publicly presented her partner and therefore there is much speculation about her courtship.

“I want to thank my dad, Markiño, my baby could not have had a better dad, my aunt who has been my mom since Magda is gone, my sisters, my dad who is my best friend, the family of Marco and all of you,” he said.

In the video he showed, it was barely possible to show the man’s face, who appeared with a mask and even a cap. There is not much information about him because he is not from the television environment.

Finally, Andrea Escalona also posted on Instagram the official photo of her pregnant belly and accompanied it with a tender message for her baby, whom she said she loves with all her heart even without knowing him.

“God’s times are perfect and love, desire opened the door where he found the way to get there. Thank you MOM I know you had a lot to do with this. Thank you God for sending me the blessing that he asked for so much. Thanks Marco I know you will be a great dad. Thanks to my baby; because even without knowing you, every day I wake up with the illusion of being a better person to be able to give you a good example, you make me feel that I can do everything, ”she wrote.