Andrea Escalona breaks down in tears when receiving strong news in ‘Hoy’, was he left out?

Andrea Escalona placeholder image Again she was involved in great controversy after breaking down in tears in full live broadcast of the program ‘Today‘ from Televisa, a situation that left viewers dismayed. Are you at risk of being fired? In AmericanPost.News we bring you all the details.

And it is that, the daughter of the late producer Magda Rodríguez has become one of the most criticized morning presenters, even some viewers have repeatedly expressed their discontent with the presence of Escalona in the program.

The differences have also been marked between the Televisa hosts, because in recent weeks Andrea and Tania Rincón starred in a strong fight in the middle of the live program, a situation that was not to the liking of the spectators.

What news did Andrea Escalona receive?

The driver’s reaction caused controversy.

It turns out that the reason why the host almost broke down in tears during the broadcast of the program had not to do with a dismissal from the company, but because of an activity in which she participated together with the presenter Tania Rincón.

The life coach Marcelo Yaguna attended the Hoy forum on Tuesday to encourage drivers to meet the goals that were proposed at the beginning of the year and for this he used a extreme method. For this activity, he placed famous people in pairs, Andrea with Tania and to Paul Stanley with Yurem.

The task consisted of everyone having to place a towel around their neck and on top of it a rigid rod that they had to bend as they approached from the front. However, to Escalona was too scared move forward and was terrified at all times.

Before the presenter’s reaction, Marcelo made a note telling her that the same thing happens when he tries to fulfill what he sets out to do. That’s life, many times we think that ‘I’m not going to make it’, ‘it hurts, I can’t’ when you didn’t concentrate and you even backed off, I touched you and you made the decision and you walked forward, and that’s life … If you don’t make the decision to make a change in 2022, then nothing will change. “

When did Andrea Escalona enter Hoy?

The Mexican presenter and actress, Andrea Escalona placeholder image She joined the Hoy de Televisa program in 2018, under the guidance of her mother Magda Rodríguez as a producer, after her death, Andrea Rodríguez stayed in charge of the morning. However, viewers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Rodríguez family on more than one occasion on the program.

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