Andrea Escalona makes fun of Laura Bozzo, in the program “Hoy”

One of the conductors of “Hoy” Andrea Escalona placeholder image, mocked the participation of Laura bozzo, during “The stars dance today” and stated that what he liked most about his participation were the memes.

During a broadcast that recalled the great moments of the dance contest on “Hoy”, they mentioned Laura Bozzo, who was one of the contestants who caused the most controversy for her comments and unique dance steps.

In AmericanPost.News We tell you that Andrea Escalona highlighted that what she liked most about Laura Bozzo’s dances in ‘Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy’ were her memes, in addition to imitating her.

Recall that during this 2021, the controversial driver was involved in legal problems and even Laura Bozzo thought about committing suicide so as not to go to prison.

What happened to Laura in the stars dance in Hoy?

Laura Bozzo was one of the most controversial contestants Andrea Escalona imitates Laura Bozzo

Laura Bozzo was the most controversial character in the first season of “The stars dance in Today”, despite not having made it to the final.

In order to remember the most important moments, the hosts of the program “Hoy” talked about the most outstanding moments of the first season of the contest.

So they had the presence of the conductor Lambda García and Latin Lover, who joined Galilea Montijo, Andrea Legarreta, Paul Stanley and Tania Rincón to talk about ‘Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy’.

Among the topics discussed was the controversial participation of Laura Bozzo, since the presenter was characterized by her unique dances and controversial comments.

When remembering her, the drivers of “Hoy” could not avoid talking about Laura Bozzo and laughing at the participation of the Peruvian.

Andrea Escalona imitates Laura Bozzo

Andrea Escalona imitates Laura Bozzo

After recalling the moments, the host Andrea Escalona pointed out that what she liked the most were the memes that originated from the presentations: “I was a fan of Laura’s memes.”

The host even continued talking about Bozzo’s participation and imitated his peculiar way of dancing.

During their conversation, Andrea Escalona stressed that Laura Bozzo was actually doing it seriously because she saw her practice her dance several times before going on the program.

After Andrea Escalona placeholder image imitated one of the most controversial dances of Laura bozzo, with the song ‘Ábranse Perras’, by Gloria Trevi.

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