Andrea Escalona remembers her late mother, Magda Rodríguez, with emotional Christmas decorations

The host Andrea Escalona placeholder image, 35 years old and who is part of the ‘Hoy’ program, decided to decorate his home by Christmas with various elements that reminded him of his mother, the producer Magda Rodriguez, who died on November 1, 2020.

To do this, she hired a couple of experts in the field, who got to work and helped her give a unique and very special touch to the home you have in Mexico City.

“My mother loved Christmas and I find it very hard to put the tree since it is gone,” the singer also honestly said.

In a video, transmitted through the screen of the ‘Hoy’ program, Andrea allowed us to observe in detail her tree, which not only attracts attention for being white and for having been illuminated with warm lights, but also for be the one who decorated his mother’s house for several Christmases.

“I rescued him from Villa del Carbón. It was damp, it was stained, of everything, I prayed it a little bit, I even added its oil to make it smell good and it’s perfect now, ”shared Escalona.

The tree was also decorated with spheres of light, with ribbons, with the legend ‘Merry Christmas‘ and with elements alluding to his mother, such as a frame with a black and white photo, as well as some heart-shaped angel wings , because the renowned producer was a lover of these tender cherubs.

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