Andrea Escalona shows off a bikini from the beach; your best photos

No doubt Andrea Escalona She is one of the television presenters with the best body, face and attitude that captivates viewers morning after morning.

Worthy of a pronounced figure, the beautiful host of the morning “Hoy” always tends to show off her curves on the networks, also earning the praise of her followers.

Staggers making an impression on Instagram is something we are used to, however little we know about the extensive and rude exercise routine that the driver maintains.

The best photos of Andy Escalona in a bikini

The best photos of Andy Escalona in a bikini How old is Andrea Escalona?

In his social networks he always usually shares his best moments, either in front of the TV or on your well-deserved vacation from the beach.

The best photos of Andy Escalona in a bikini How old is Andrea Escalona?

Despite her short stature, the driver knows how to wear a heart attack bikini with her well-pronounced curves, which have drawn sighs.

“Tender, sweet and simple, my admiration for such a professional person and great human being”, “Beautiful as always, you inherited your mother’s smile”, read some comments.

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How old is Andrea Escalona?

How old is Andrea Escalona?

Born on August 6, 1986, Andrea Escalona Rodriguezis a television presenter and actress who is currently celebrating her 35 years of age.

During his career he has participated in various projects of Tv Azteca in the entertainment industry, however, he managed to finalize his time on Televisa with his deceased mother, the producer Magda Rodríguez.

Andrea Escalona She will have to leave the curves for later, because this day she announced her first pregnancy as a result of her relationship with her current partner.

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